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Von Behrling Has The Packet
Bellamy stole along the half-lit corridors of the train until he came to the coup6 which
had been reserved for Mademoiselle Idiale. Assured that he was not watched, he softly
turned the handle of the door and entered. Louise was sitting up in her dressing-gown,
drinking her coffee. He held up his finger and she greeted him only with a nod.
"Forgive me, Louise," he whispered, "I dared not knock, and I was obliged to see you at
She smiled.
"It is of no consequence," she said. "One is always prepared here. The porter, the ticket-
man, and at the customs - they all enter. Is anything wrong?"
"It has happened," he answered.
She shivered a little and her face became grave.
"Poor fellow!" she murmured.
"He simply sat still and asked for it," Bellamy declared, still speaking in a cautious
undertone. "He would not be warned. I could have saved him, if any one could, but he
would not hear reason."
"He was what you call pig-headed," she remarked.
"He has paid the penalty," Bellamy continued. "Now listen to me, Louise. I got into that
small coupe next to Von Behrling's, and I feel sure, from what I overheard, that they will
go on to London, all three of them."
"Who is there on the train?" she demanded.
"Baron Streuss, who is head of the Secret Police, Von Behrling and Adolf Kahn,"
Bellamy answered. "Then there are four or five Secret Service men of the rank and file,
but they are all traveling separately. Von Behrling has the packet. The others form a sort
of cordon around him."
"But why," she asked, "does he go on to London? Why not return to Vienna?"
"For one thing, " Bellamy replied, with a grim smile, "they are afraid of me. Then you
must remember that this affair of Dorward will be talked about. They do not want to
seem in any way implicated. To return from any one of these stations down the line
would create suspicion."
She nodded.