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Laverick Is Cross-Examined
One by one the young ladies of the chorus came out from the stage-door of the Universal,
in most cases to be assisted into a waiting hansom or taxicab by an attendant cavalier.
Laverick stood back in the shadows as much as possible, smiling now and then to himself
at this, to him, somewhat novel way of spending the evening. Zoe was among the last to
appear. She came up to him with a delightful little gesture of pleasure, and took his arm
as a matter of course as he led her across to the waiting cab.
"This sort of thing is making me feel absurdly young," he declared. "Luigi's for supper, I
"Supper!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands. "Delightful! Two nights following, too! I
did love last night."
"We had better engage a table at Luigi's permanently," he remarked.
"If only you meant it!" she sighed.
He laughed at her, but he was thoughtful for a few minutes. Afterwards, when they sat at
a small round table in the somewhat Bohemian restaurant which was the fashionable
rendezvous of the moment for ladies of the theatrical profession, he asked her a question.
"Tell me what you meant in your note," he begged. "You said that you had some
information for me.
"I'm afraid it wasn't anything very much," she admitted. "I found out to-day that some
one had been inquiring at the stage-door about me, and whether I was connected in any
way with a Mr. Arthur Morrison, the stockbroker."
"Do you know who it was?" he asked.
She shook her head.
"The man left no name at all. I tried to get the doorkeeper to tell me about him, but he's
such a surly old fellow, and he's so used to that sort of thing, that he pretended he didn't
remember anything."
"It seems odd," he remarked thoughtfully, "that any one should have found you out. You
were so seldom with Morrison. I dare say," he added, "it was just some one to whom your
brother owes some small sum of money."
"Very likely," she answered. "But I was going to tell you. He came again to-night while
the performance was on, and sent a note round. I have brought it for you to see."