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Reader Warning
I’ll come right out and say it; this book is definitely not for
everyone. There is strong language, sexual content, and moments that
will make you cringe. During writing I even had to stop on several
occasions and take a break because of the toll some situations in the book
were taking on me.
This is my idea of what a real zombie outbreak would be like in
our world as we know it. Tensions are high and people are on edge.
Brash decisions are made. Many of my proof readers stopped half way
through the book because a certain situation had resonated with them in a
very powerful way. There is no shame in putting the book down.
Hauss Vegas is dark horror. It is meant to make your stomach
churn and force you into discomfort. If you are okay with that, then
welcome! Welcome to The New Vegas.
- Christian B. Guyant