Hatsville HTML version

This is the story of a very strange land where everything wears a hat; hats
are in big demand. When you are there walking around, you will see hats all
over town. There are hats that you will see just hanging on a tree. Hats are
floating through the air and hats are even on a bear. There are hats of all
colors you see, different sizes to and all hats are free. Do not visit Hatsville
with out a hat. Why? You might ask. Well, you just don't do a thing like that.
Even the animals in Hatsville wear a hat, just look at the hat on that old lady's
cat. It's purple, yellow, and a little bit of green, the strangest thing that I have
ever seen. There are hats on birds and hats on dogs, hats on flies and hats on
frogs. In Hatsville, everything wears a hat everywhere they go, you can even
see the garden where these hats grow. How do you grow hats you might ask
yourselves? From little hat shaped seeds that are grown by elves. These
seeds are magic and found only in Hatsville you see, and elves grow these
hats to give away free. So, if you're ever in Hatsville looking for a hat, they
come in all shapes and sizes, short, tall ,thin, and fat. If you're ever there just
looking around, be careful where you walk, there are hats all over the ground.
Hatsville cannot be found on a map, it is best found while taking a nap. So,
go to bed and dream about that, but, don't be surprised if you wake up
wearing a hat.
By Johnny Rabbit