Happy Halloween? HTML version

The next 3 houses all asked Ben to do a
“trick” and then never gave him a lollie
after he had done his trick. They said his
tricks were lame.
Ben was starting to get very frustraded
and angry, at the following house a lady came to the
door with a huge bowl of lollies. FINALLY thought
Ben this is more like it. The lady told Ben what a great
costume he had on and whata great job he had done
with his dogs costume. She the proceeded to give Ben
one lollie. „ONE LOLLIE’ „ONE LOLLIE’
Ben shouted, that’s all you are going to give
me from you HUGE big bowel of lollies and
he turned around and stormed off.
Mum appologised to the lady and explained
what a bad night they had been having at
the other houses. Mum raced after Ben to calm him
down but Ben was very upset and all he wanted to do
was go home. He said he hated the people in his street,
he couldn’t belive that he was chased away from so
many houses and how mean people were.
Mum and Dad knew this would happen, they really
didn’t have very friendly people in their street.