Happy Halloween? HTML version

could not find one so she had to pay someone to make
one for Ben.
Ben wanted his parents to dress up aswell as his dog
“Meat”. Mum said no that he was the only one
dressing up but Ben started to throw another tantrum
and mum was just too tired to deal with it and she
Ben wanted to dress Meat as a
scorpion, mum agreed but said that
Ben had to make Meats costume
himself. Dad put on black tracksuit
pants and sweatshirt and a Batman mask, Mum put
on a long dress and put on a costume party mask.
They thought at least with them all dressed up noone
would know who they were and they had a feeling
they were going to be relived that they did dress up.
At the first house there was a sign up “Sorry forgot –
NO LOLLIES” and at the next house they were chased
At the following house a lovely old man came to the
door and gave Ben a choice between an orange or a