Happy Halloween? HTML version

Ben was a little boy
who always got what
he wanted, he knew if
he complained and
performed long enough his
parents would eventually give in to him. So this
halloween was no different he was determined to get
his way AGAIN!
Ben wanted to go trick or treating in his street, like
some of the other neighbourhood kids do. His parents
said no, they were not going to let Ben walk the streets
what with their weird neighbours.
For 3 long days Ben threw tantrum after
tantrum and wore his mum and dad out – they
gave in and agreed that Ben could go trick or
treating but they would be going with him and
that he was only allowed to do their side of the street
down to the next road and back up the other side of
the street to the house opposite to theirs.
Ben was very excited and decided that he wanted to
go as a turtle, Ben’s mum tried to convince him to go
as a ghost, a pirate, spiderman anything but a turtle.
But Ben was adamant that he was going as a turtle so
his mum hunted high and low for a turtle costume but