Happy Criminal Returns HTML version

change the appearance. It's a good idea to wear a baseball cap and to avoid all CTTV
cameras. If one or two are unavoidable then keep your head down."
"That sounds good advice to me Arnie, I'll take the 'Buzz' look, it looks
American and the girls seem to like it and they have those hypermarkets over there
where I can buy more dye when I need it. I'll buy a cap as soon as possible too.
You've come up with some great ideas Arn."
"Good choice mate, they say the girls think it sexy so you'll do O.K. with those
French Mademoiselles," he laughed. The sooner we get that mop off the better then
I'll take you over to Keith, this friend of mine, and get you photographed and settled
in for a few weeks. I keep all my paraphernalia in his loft. The 'cops' don't know about
our friendship and only think of searching my place and my garage when they have
their occasional swoop to see if I'm still at my passport work. You always have to
keep one step ahead of them Bri."
"I'm really grateful to you Arnie, you're a good mate. How much is it all going to
cost though?"
"I always do it cost price for friends but I shall have to call in a few favours to get
some of the documents you'll need so let's say a 'grand' will cover it And you'll need
to bung Keith a couple of hundred."
"A thousand pounds? I was expecting it to be much more. Thanks again. At least
that'll leave me with a bit to start my new life abroad."
"Glad to help. Come on let's get going the sooner we are away from here the
better. I'm sure the 'Fuzz' will soon be keeping a watch on everyone who has been
recently discharged from our p revious lodging place," he warned.
Chapter 2
Reaching the front door Arnie went ahead to see if the street was clear of
unknown cars and when he saw nothing suspicious he beckoned to Brian to get into
the car. Brian looked up and down the street quickly and seeing no one hurried out to
the car, closing the door behind him. Breathing a sigh of relief, Arnie started the car
and rounded the corner on to the main road.
They made their way to Islington where Keith had a council house which his
parents had bought and left to him when they died a few years before.
As they approached the area Arnie said, "We'll leave the car in the next street Bri
so that anyone noticing the car will think we are visiting someone here. It's important
for future business that no one knows we are friends of Keith."
"That's what I like about you Arnie, You plan things carefully," replied Brian,
"I'm learning from you all the time!"
Arnie laughed, "It's years of experience mate. I want to run my business well into
to the future and I've no intention of getting incarcerated in the damned 'nick' again.
Safety first is my motto."
They walked to the next street, cutting through an alley between the houses.
Arnie knocked on the door of number fourteen and it was opened by Keith, a tall,
thin, middle aged man with a lopsided smile and after introductions he said, "Come
on in to the living room boys, the kettle's on and everything's set up to start work on
you Brian."
After a cup of tea and a chat about things in general, Keith showed Brian the
bedroom which would be his for the next couple of weeks. It was a comfortable room
with a single bed, wardrobe, small wash basin and a bedside cabinet on which stood a