Happy Criminal Returns HTML version

The first eBook about Brian Sylvester, serial killer, ended with him being
imprisoned for life. He had always been skilled at escape and vowed that within
eighteen months he would be a free man. He had a burning desire to rid the streets of
what he described as 'trash'. Each story stands on its own but if you would prefer to
start at the beginning of Brian's story to discover what turned him into a murderer it is
available on Amazon both in U.K. and America. and is entitled, 'Auburn. You Die.'
Chapter 1
Brian Sylvester, a.k.a. Andy Sutton was on the run. Serving a life sentence for
murdering at least six women he had vowed to escape and here he was a free man. It
was good to breathe in the fresh air. Brian had always been good at escaping. It had
been necessary for his survival when a child. Treated cruelly and half starved by his
foster mother, Brian had become a master of escape at an early age.
He had made good use of his time in prison. His first job had been work in the
kitchen but later he had progressed to work in the library, both had paid dividends for
him. He had secreted a meat skewer from the kitchen and had borrowed C.D's from
the library. The C.D's he had inserted into other cases so no one knew what he was