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Table Of Contents
1. Giving Your Cat A Pill
2. An In Depth Look At Siamese Cats
3. Caring For Persian Cats
4. Cats And Feline Diabetes
5. Cats And Ring Worm
6. Cats Bonding With Their Owners
7. Common Health Problems Of Cats
8. Common Meanings Of Cat Behavior
9. Curing Cat Bad Breath
10. Dealing With Cat Allergies
11. Pet Links and Resources
What are you Feeding Your Pet?
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1. Giving Your Cat A Pill
Giving a cat a pill can be a nightmare. No cat wants something shoved down his throat, and he will
fight you tooth and nail to prevent it. Although most cats are small in size, you’d be quite amazed with
how much power they actually have. There are ways that you can get your cat to take his pills, which
we will cover below.
The easiest way to give a cat pill is to crush the power into a powdery form by putting it between two
spoons. Once the pill is powder, mix it in with some wet cat food. Cats that are used to eating dry cat
food will see the wet food and think of it as a treat. They will normally eat it up, unaware that they just
took their medicine.