Happily Ever After HTML version

Christina Sophie- 2013, happily e ve r afte r
Chapte r 1 –A change in ide ntity
She had been a fairy godmother for only a week, but she already hated it and liked it at the same time.
One, she hated it because it was so time consuming and two, she liked it because she helped little girls
and they all thought she was good and so they liked her which was good for her because she was used
to being hated and now she was liked for being nice. That night she had a very important appointment
to make. There was a girl going to king Zion’s ball that night but she had nothing to wear because
heartfield wasn’t famous for its fashion, thanks to its male rulers over the millenniums. This girl was a
very special case because she had never been to a royal ball before. The ball was to start at 6:30 and
now it was 5:00 that afternoon, this 22 year old looked outside of her window and said, “Oh, l will
never be able to attend the royal ball, for l have nothing to wear.”
“Of course you do” fairy godmother Corsatas appeared behind her.
“Who are you” asked the girl in shock.
“l am fairy godmother Corsatas and l am here to make you look like a princess for the royal ball”
Corsatas explained.
“Well, l don’t think l want to go anymore, too many people there and no man will want to dance with
me” she said in a normal voice of tone. Corsatas got the impression that this girl might be shy.
“Nonsense” Corsatas said letting down a hand.”There will be plenty of handsome men there just
willing to dance with a beautiful young lily like you.”
“Am l really beautiful” she asked not looking too confident.
“Of course you are, l will make you so beautiful that every man will want to dance with you and
remember that there will be eight eligible gorgeous princes to dance with as well.” Corsatas said.
“Um, eligible, they’re kind of too old” she said looking a bit down.
“Non-sense, they are still very gorgeous, and the most handsome men in all of heartfie ld, now let me
make you over” Corsatas said.
“All right l guess, but remember to make me beautiful” she reminded.
“Okay then, l will work your makeover in bits” she said. When Corsatas was finished she had turned a
plain girl into a sparkling diamond. She looked at herself in the mirror and she looked amazing. “Oh, l
will tell my parents l am coming tonight” she said excitedly and hugged Corsatas hard and ran out the
door.”Thank you fairy god mother”. Corsatas knew she was becoming nicer in her heart but it seemed
every time a secret anger fired up in her for some reason. She was feeling happier these da ys but
something on her she knew, like a charm was brewing up a storm in her. She knew it had started with
a birthday present from her fairy king father. The present was the only gift her father had given her
and her fairy king father only had access to these special green stones that turned their wearer evil.
She went to the cottage that Zion had set for her and took it off. When she took it off she was sent into
a fit of crying and all of a sudden her old kindness and feelings had returned to her. There was no
more hatred for anything now and no more pain inside her. She felt fresh and renewed now, But she