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Using Tools
How to use a Hammer:
It may seem silly to think you need to know how to use a hammer. But, it’s the standard
‘blunt instrument’ so let's learn about hammers and using them safely.
First and foremost, choose the right hammer for the job.
Grip the hammer firmly by its handle.
Keep your wrist straight and use your whole forearm to lift and drop the tool.
Let the hammer do most of the work, using its weight to drive the nail.
How to Hammer in a Nail:
Grasp the hammer with its claw facing upward. Don’t choke up on the handle.
Hold your wrist stiff.
Your arm should be raised at 90 degrees at the elbow.
Take a few practice swings.
Gently tap a nail into the wood at 90 degrees (perpendicular).
Raise the hammer as described above and strike it confidently.
Repeat the process, adding force and velocity with each swing, until the nail is
completely driven into the wood.
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