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“Handywoman’s Home Repairs” by Gloria Rae
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Women and home repair can mix! In fact, if you take away the heavy or super-awkward
movements, women can do a whole lot of fixing.
You can have fun and save money, too.
It feels good and powerful to be able to do things for yourself.
I started learning how to fix things at a very young age. It seemed that, if I ever wanted
anything done when I wanted it done, I had to do it myself. You know how long you can
wait, don't you?
Years ago, I was pregnant. My kitchen sink was broken and my husband kept saying he
was going to fix it. So, I'd haul the dishes to the bathtub with a dishpan. My back ached
as you well can imagine. It was awkward and it made me angry.
But, I had been raised that women were to listen to their husbands.
Times have changed and so have I. After several months and me (with a new born
daughter and a three year old) doing dishes with the dishpan in the bathtub, my husband
fixed the sink in fifteen minutes.
It took him fifteen minutes to fix a sink that I could not use for five months! I was livid.
And so, my journey began. I not only learned the skills that I needed, but I made a small
business out of painting apartment buildings, created an income and became independent.
You can learn how to do repairs too.
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