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You can buy an acid cleaner from a plumbing supply store to clean this chamber and
holes. Allow the acid to sit for a length of time to dissolve deposits. Remember to follow
the instructions carefully as given on the acid cleaner.
Finally, if the problem still persists, then it means that the problem is at the toilet trap or
sewer system. For this you will need a plunger or an auger to fix it.
How to remove a toilet blockage
To clean a plugged toilet, first bail out enough water to prevent overflowing.
Clear and remove any visible blockage by using a toilet plunger.
Place the plunger over the large opening in the bottom of the bowl and pump about ten
Remove the plunger. If water rushes out, it means that the blockage is cleared.
If the plunger fails, try an auger.
Twist the auger into the toilet; try to break through the blockage.
A bent coat hanger can also do the trick (will remove some objects).
Remember chemical cleaners at times are not that effective for toilet bowl blockage.
Cleaners usually can't reach the blockage, and they complicate the process further.
If your problem still persists, then call for professional help.
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