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Keep it away from children
Wear gloves if necessary.
How to fix a partial flush in the toilet.
One of the things in a house that always requires constant checking is the toilet area. If
you find yourself in a situation wherein your toilet only provides a partial flush, then it’s
time to fix it.
First and foremost, check the water level in the tank; the water level mark is usually at the
side of the tank or near the top of the overflow pipe.
If the water level is low, adjust the water or the float by bending its rod or resetting the
adjustment screw.
Pour about 2 or 3 gallons of water directly into the bowl. If it flushes well, it means that
the drain and vent are possibly clear.
Check the flapper valve or the tank balls that release water from the tank to the bowl.
Watch its full operation and make sure it's opening fully and staying open until all the
water is out of the tank.
If you have any doubts, then hold the valve open with your hand and then watch the
flushing action.
Check for a jet flush hole in the front edge of the toilet trap. If there is one, it should be
free of deposits. Use an acid cleaner and a stick if necessary to clear the opening.
There are few toilets that have small holes under the toilet bowl rim to release water to
the bowl. If these holes are plugged, clean them with a toothpick or a hairpin.
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