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When the new compound has dried according to manufacturer's instructions, prime it and
paint it.
Overlap the paint onto the glass a fraction of an inch to create a good seal.
Wear Gloves for protection
How to Change a Light bulb
Turn off the lamp or light fixture
If the bulb is hot, let it cool before you touch it.
Hold the bulb lightly but firmly and turn it counter clockwise until it is released from its
Insert a replacement bulb lightly but firmly into the socket, and turn it clockwise until it
locks in place.
Switch on the light to check whether it’s working or not.
Dispose of the used bulb.
If the old bulb is broken, make sure the electricity is turned off.
Push a soft bar of soap into the broken glass, and then twist.
Be very careful.
Check the wattage on the used bulb and replace it with a bulb of the same wattage.
Safety Tip:
Dispose the used bulb safely.
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