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Fixing the Fixtures
How to Change Glass in a Window
Be careful
Pull all the broken pieces of glass out of the window. Use needle-nosed pliers, if
necessary, to remove the small pieces.
You may need to break some of the remaining glass in order to remove it. Use masking
tape to hold the glass together while you break it and to keep the pieces from scattering as
you remove it.
Use the putty knife to carefully scrape the old glazing compound (putty) from around the
Remove the old putty so that the new putty will adhere properly. If the old putty is brittle,
soften it with mineral spirits, then remove it.
Remove the old glazing points using your needle-nosed pliers.
Put a thin bead of glazing compound around the window, pressing it into place with the
putty knife.
Set the glass in place, anchoring it in the bead of glazing compound.
Use the putty knife to press glazing points in place around the pane every few inches.
Roll out a long, thin "string" of glazing compound and use it to seal the new windowpane
in place. Smooth it down with the putty knife.
Clean any excess glazing compound from the glass.
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