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Then, either screw the shaft of the stop directly into the wall from its own base, or use
separate screws to attach it to the baseboard.
Safety Tips:
Wear Gloves to protect your hands
Use the right tools
Wear eye protection if there is even the slightest risk
Keep tools and other materials away from children
How to Install a Peephole
Measure the point on the door where you require the peephole.
Drill a hole in the door at eye-level.
Make sure that you drill the hole which you drill to the diameter specified by the
manufacturer of the peephole.
Insert the viewer sleeve (the part with the bubble) from the outside of the door.
Screw the other half of the viewer into the sleeve from the inside of the door.
You have a peephole installed.
Safety Tips:
Wear gloves.
If needed, wear goggles.
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