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When hammering or removing the damaged tile, avoid hammering too hard or you may
damage the substrate, crack the grout or even damage the adjoining tiles.
Clean up any excess grout before the tile dries.
Purchase a few extra tiles (it will help you if you break a tile while working)
Safety Tips:
Wear goggles for eye protection.
Wear Gloves to protect your hands.
Keep tools away from children.
How to Install a Doorstop
First, decide on the type of doorstop that you want to install.
Some doorstops that are available on the market have a wall-mounted rubber stop that
cushions the impact of the door handle.
Some are spring-loaded or solid-shaft stops that mount to the baseboard.
After you have purchased the doorstop, mark the exact spot where the doorknob comes in
contact with the wall if you're using the wall-mounted type.
Attach the stop to the wall using the supplied screw.
Locate and mark a spot on the baseboard about two inches from the swinging edge of the
door if you're using a baseboard-mounted doorstop.
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