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Fold the section you just pasted over on to itself and slide the dry section of the paper on
to the table.
Apply the paste.
Fold the next section on to itself and then fold the two halves against each other, being
very careful not to crease the paper.
This process is called 'booking.' Booking keeps the paper moist, and prevents the paste
from falling onto the floor.
Set the paper aside in a clean spot for 5 minutes then hang it on the wall
Let the paper set after applying paste.
This process allows the paper to expand or shrink before you lay it on the wall.
As soon as each strip of wallpaper is booked and set aside, use a clean, wet sponge to
clean the table.
Wear gloves if needed.
Keep solvent away from children.
How to Repair a Ceramic Tile Floor
Visit a local flooring supply store or home-improvement store to find a tile to match and
replace the damaged tile.
Take the cracked or damaged tile with you to get the closest possible match of style and
color in the replacement tile.
Get some adhesive and grout mix for the job.
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