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Safety Tips:
Wear Gloves.
Make sure the area is properly ventilated.
Keep all paint away from children.
Paints are toxic and combustible, so store them appropriately it in a safe area.
How to Apply Paste to Wallpaper
Nowadays, most wallpaper comes with the back pre-pasted. But, sometimes, you find
some that are not pre-pasted. My grandfather was a wallpaper hanger and had great
pride in his ability to hang wallpaper.
Get the correct adhesive paste for the job. Some papers, such as vinyl, require a specific
glue paste.
Mix powdered wallpaper paste in a separate bucket before pouring it in to the pasting
bucket or roller tray.
Stir them well with a stirring stick or any other tool and make sure that you remove all
the lumps, but don’t mix it too long - you may put air into the mix.
Pour this liquid adhesive directly into a bucket or roller tray.
Lay a strip of wallpaper - already cut to size, pattern side down - on a long, flat, dry table.
Let one end of the paper flop over the edge of the table.
Use a paste brush or a paint roller to apply the paste to the half of the paper that remains
flat on the table, make sure you cover the whole section.
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