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Tools and Materials to Paint a Room
Requirements for Painting a Room
Natural or synthetic paintbrushes (Use a 2 1/2-inch brush for edge work)
Paint tray and liner
Roller handle
Roller sleeves
Masking tape (wide) or blue painter’s tape
Single-edge razor blades (to clean paint from window glass)
I have a paintbrush in one hand and a damp rag in the other when I paint. If I miss an
edge, I quickly wipe it up as I go along with the damp rag. It saves a lot of time when you
work in this fashion.
These tips will help you to paint the room well. After painting the room, if you are not
satisfied with the results, then get an expert to help you out. Remember to read and
follow the instructions given on the paint cans and other tools to achieve the best result.
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