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Using the putty knife, smooth the entire patched area, including a small area around the
patch, with the joint compound. Smooth it down a bit and let it dry overnight.
Use sandpaper to sand the patched area smooth. If you do this properly, the patched area
will blend with the wall. However, be careful while you are doing this.
Once you finish sanding, paint the patched area with primer and let it to dry thoroughly.
After this entire process, paint or paper the patched area to match the rest of your wall.
Safety Tips
Wear Gloves.
Wear Safety Goggles.
Keep tools away from Children.
How to Prepare a Room for Painting
Painting a room is not easy, but it’s not that difficult either.
Careful preparation brings good results. You should prepare yourself and plan in advance
to achieve the desired result from painting a room.
Things to do before you start painting:
Remove the furniture, move all that you can. Place the rest of the stuff at the center of the
room. Make sure you cover it with drop cloths or old bed sheets.
After moving the furniture, use removable ‘safety masking tape’ around doors and
windows, and cover your floor with old bed sheets or drop cloths to protect the floors.
Cover the smoke detector with a plastic bag or a cloth.
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