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To fix a Large Hole
Use the handsaw or the utility knife to cut the hole into a square shape so that it's easier to
Remove the discarded drywall fragments.
Measure the hole with the a measuring tape or ruler, and write down the measurements.
Then, mark out the size of the patch that you will require to fill the hole.
Use the handsaw to cut out the patch, making it just a little bigger than the hole.
Test the patch against the hole. Make sure it fits well. If it is too large, then carefully
scrape down the edges with a utility knife until it fits snugly.
Then, hammer a finishing nail through the center of the patch. Remove the nail and
thread the wire through the hole. Make a loop in one end of the wire and tie a knot in the
other end. The knot must be large enough to stop the end of the wire slipping through the
Stuff the hole with wadded newspaper to provide some backing.
After that, coat the edges of both the hole and the patch with construction adhesive (wear
gloves for this).
Slide the patch into the hole while avoiding the sticky glued edges. Make sure the front
face of the patch is flush with the edge of the wall.
If you push the patch in a bit too far, you can use the attached wire to pull it back out.
When the patch is placed to your satisfaction, wipe away the excess glue and let it set
The next day, use wire cutters to snip off the wire. If a bit still protrudes, use your pencil
or a pen to push it back into the wall.
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