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“Handywoman’s Home Repairs” by Gloria Rae
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Tape measure or ruler
Work gloves
Putty knife
Utility knife
Construction adhesive
Joint compound
Fine sandpaper
A paint brush
Primer paint
To fix a small hole:
For a small hole or dent, less than an inch, just follow these easy steps to fix it:
Stuff some newspaper into the hole to provide a backing.
Fill the remaining hole with joint compound, which is basically gypsum-based mud.
Apply it with the putty knife, and smooth it down as best as you can. By the next day, the
compound will have congealed into a hard, white patch. You can then lightly sand it, and
your repair is done
Remember that holes left when nails, screws or anchors are removed, can be patched
simply by pushing joint compound into the hole. After the compound has dried, sand it
smooth and paint over it.
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