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Structural Repairs
How to Restore a Wooden Floor
Note: If your wood floors are pre-finished, always consult the manufacturer for safety
and other key tips before attempting any of these procedures.
1] Prepare the room
Move all your furniture and all wall decorations out of the room.
Install a box fan or a standing fan within the room for ventilation and open all windows.
This is to blow away all the negative pressure and the dust out from the room.
If some furniture is still near or in the room, then cover it with some drop cloths or old
bed sheets.
2] Shield the floor
Install an abrasive pad on the rubberized wheel of a floor polisher.
Practice a little bit in the center of the room until you are comfortable controlling the
Install a 100-grit abrasive screen on the polisher and sand the floor.
Go back and forth across the floor in overlapping passes from one end of the room to the
Sweep and vacuum the floor. At this stage, the finish should be dull and wear patterns
should no longer be noticeable; any scratches and stains should be gone.
Repeat the sanding as necessary.
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