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Climb only as high as the ladder is designed for. Never climb past the point where your
hips are level with the top of the ladder.
Hold on to the sides of the ladder as you climb. Store tools in back pockets or a tool belt.
Never allow more than one person on a ladder at the same time.
Don't let anyone stand below the ladder.
Read all warnings and cautions from the manufacturer of the ladder. Instructions can be
found on yellow or orange safety labels on the side of the ladder.
Store your ladder where it is not exposed to moisture or extreme heat.
Safety Tips
Wear gloves
Keep it away from children
Make sure that the ladder is not broken
How to Use a Wrench
Always use good quality tools and inspect them for defects before using them.
Replace worn or defective tools.
Maintain your tools. Make sure that the teeth of a pipe wrench are clean and sharp. Worn
or greasy jaws are more likely to slip.
Check the pipe or fitting. Is it clean and oil-free? Slippage can cause you serious injury.
Always keep your wrist straight when using a wrench.
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