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Never try to unclog a nozzle while it's running.
Wear a respirator/mask.
Make sure that children are not present in the room.
Wear goggles for eye protection.
How to Use a Power Drill
The cord of the appliance should be long enough that you can use the machine far from
the electrical outlet without any worries.
Always uncoil the electric cord of any appliance before starting to use it.
Always ensure that there is no chance that you can touch the cord with the appliance or
Open the chuck of the drill with the help of the chuck key that comes with it. Do this by
pushing the notched end of the key into a hole along the chuck and twisting it counter-
Insert the drill bit into the chuck and tighten it with the chuck key, turning it clockwise
this time. Be sure it fits securely.
Plug the drill in to the electric socket.
Press the trigger to make sure everything is fine and in good condition, before you make
contact with the work.
Start the work at a slow pace and steadily increase the pressure.
Maintain the pressure on the drill and the trigger until the hole is completed.
As soon you finish the work, stop drilling.
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