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Make sure that the teeth of your saw are sharp.
Line up your wrist, elbow and shoulder with the saw blade.
Remember that you will lose about 1/8-inch of wood with the cut due to the width of the
blade, so cut on the outside of the line.
Apply slight pressure on the push strokes and relax when you pull the saw.
Saw with a steady, easy rhythm.
Keep in mind that the more acute the degree, the faster and rougher the cut.
Hold the saw at:
90-degrees for a quick, raw cut
45 degrees for smooth cuts; and
15 to 20 degrees for very fine cuts.
Wear gloves for comfort and protection.
Wear goggles and a dust mask.
How to Use a Paint Spray Machine
1] Rent or buy an airless spray machine.
2] Protect areas near the area that you are painting.
3] Spraying puts a lot of fine paint droplets into the air, so cover everything in the area
that you don’t want to get paint on.
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