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Each squeeze of the trigger will drive one staple/nail only.
Remove the staple gun from the work and disconnect from the main supply when the
work is finished.
Safety Instructions:
Keep the work area clean
Do not expose power tools to rain.
Do not use power tools in damp or wet locations.
Guard against electric shock.
Keep the staple gun and all supplies away from children.
Do not let visitors or children touch the tool or the extension lead.
Do not force the tool.
Use the right tool.
Remember: Check for Damaged Parts
Always check the tool properly before using it. If any part is damaged, get it repaired or
replaced by an authorized service center or follow the instructions in the user guide or
How to Use a Handsaw
Mark a line where you will be cutting.
Support both sides of the work on a bench or sawhorse.
Take time to get comfortable before you start sawing.
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