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Is it just to keep company with anyone?

Or just to pass the time of the meal that the company offers?

Maybe eat to not feel so alone?

This type of food will be right for me?

I'll have time to enjoy the meal as it should be?

Would really like it or not like to eat?

José Cruz

We here apply the mind to go to the file which is where the

answers, and through it to answer these questions thoughtfully,

that even some of them can pass for a role, or add more to your

criteria so before meals if you want to run your eyes over, feeling

in his heart the most appropriate responses.

Then just go eating consciously, as described in Step 9, when you

are invited to events, parties or individuals who have social

component of eating. Often the hosts love to advise the guest to

share the same tastes as they or the same quantities. And if the

guest does not take this into account, to get upset, and (think)

that his cooking skills are not the best.

To this should apply to this guest Consciousness begins to feel

some self-esteem inside.

That over time tends to grow like a snowball, causing the person

to self-estimated more.

Feeling more at ease and courageous, to explain to others why

they came to feed this new form.

The hosts at the beginning because of pride, which is created in

the mind, will not understand the change, but over time they will

accept, because it is a decision taken by guest awareness. And all

that is taken into consciousness somehow touches others. And

that may later extend them even after analysis.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st12

Food Needs

The people need to keep physically eating solid foods and liquids.

The act of eating belongs to the mind, while intuition comes from

food. The person to change a habit by intuition when it comes to

food is to go against your inner guide.

This guide will take you to pick through the intuitive power,

what the body needs in terms of quantity, quality, and the right

time to feed.

When a person begins to feel this interconnection between body

and intuition, is taken without realizing it so sensitive to choose,

which will eat without having to (think). Just to be guided by

their instinct, as he did as a child, being only necessary to develop

a little self-confidence in him.

It should be noted that when this begins to happen, sometimes

you may feel undecided to make any decisions. More is not that

some remains of the Mind.

That is yet to cover the coming of Intuition. What with the

practice entirely disappear, as they are more aware of everything,

because this change to a higher level of consciousness will bring

significant positive changes in the life of each.

Just have to be patient with you and observe this evolution in its


José Cruz

When they go shopping and buy food through intuition, this is

only possible out of any process of Mind. Will be attracted by

them, or when they see so they give them into the hands, and

taking only the quantities necessary for their consumption.

Mind will often purchase food, that later when they ingest, your

taste is no longer pleases them eventually for the part. This is

because the intuition is to resume work.

This signal means that the food is not right for the height, or the

nutritional value or amount.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st13

The Secret

Insofar as they awaken new interior faculties of you who

will help overcome the various stages of the walk, and again feel

the presence of her friend Mind. It's good it appears to you for

what will prove to seize. This is how the Universe requires the

evolution of being. What was in this guise that he will within

Human reincarnated. As they passed this test many others will

follow in your journey.

What a way to go, they will feel like to discover more in yourself,

which looked out on others or you. I assure you one thing that you

take the way never lose.

Because when they found themselves intimately, be to rebalance

physically mentally and spiritually, without consent of such.

As you begin to feel that the act of feeding is more superior to

just eating food, later to evacuate, will begin to feel that this

ritual is an integral part of each one. As such that will take into

account good and great, because what they eat has an impact on

what they do and what you are in life. Hence it is of extreme

importance, they feel that the timing of the meal is a sacred time

as you.

José Cruz


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st14


As we all know the body stops without energy blocks. To

prevent this happening you should keep your body fueled for food

after that filtered in the body can be transformed into energy. This

energy can be found on the Moon and the Sun in ingested food.

It should take account of these three energy sources, in order to

nourish them, the percentages that the body needs, when I refer to

the physical body and also the mind, as an integral part thereof.

For the body can be stabilized has to function as a balance of

dishes. On the one hand the positive energy emanating from the

Sun, as well as foods that are also kissed by him.

What you can find the face of the earth, as cabbage, tomatoes

meats and more diverse.

Or any fruit from the trees, since sunbathe are foods with positive


On the other side of the balance is negative energy.

This is from the Moon, and the foods that exist beneath the earth

and are not touched by the Sun

Water is one such as potatoes, carrots, radishes, and other fish.

Not catch the Light of the Creator are the possessors of negative


José Cruz

There are also neutral foods, which are for example certain

crustaceans, which live in water, but catch Sun or to live on earth

but they need to stay in the water for some time to rebalance your

bio system.

Now it's easy to feel that when you eat more food positive, the

person tends to feel more muscular and mental, as well as greater

body heat, if you combine these foods to the Sun factor.

The person feels more like the name implies, more positive. When

the evening is to enjoy the moonlight, directly receives negative

energy from this Lunar Planet.

And in the meantime is negative eating foods, as well as the tasty

ice cream. Will lead the person to feel cold inside and out,

becoming more negative about the mundane things, but feeling

more spiritual.

Then there is the formula for a true balance of both energies, in

the physical body goes through getting adequate amounts of both

foods, negative and positive. These quantities are always different

from person to person, because one must take into account the

tasks that each will play. And give your energy expenditure later.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st15


Over time most modern people have become complacent to

the drugs, medicines for all the evils that they themselves created,

unconsciously. Not like many other nicknames. Then resort to the

relevant experts to solve these problems to them.

Let us see where this leads to a rule most people socially.

The person started to feel out of shape in terms of health. But lost

time and for many people time is money, and goes to a query, paid

consultation and there behind a dietary products and others to

take, now that the moment for this.

There has to pay these, and money continues to come out of her


This will tell you that it seems a good time in history but is not.

And why will feel, however, as people are not all equal, and the

companies that make drugs.

Do not make a new product will face each person. In most cases

the drug does not fit. And there will have to return to the

specialist for a different recipe.

Often putting aside the old effect that no luck, and so there goes

the investment. And it goes cyclically suffering in terms of health,

does not produce professionally desirable, and watching your bank

balance ever lower, and resolved without seeing your situation.

José Cruz

This unfortunately is the true story of many people and it is

unfortunate that so be it.

But such situations can be solved easily and cost, when it comes

to drugs and his associates, freeing the people of these

dependencies, giving them a stable place in society in all respects.

Consider this!


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st16

The Voice of Conscience

Just from the general wisdom that all medicines are made from

essences and some of the foods that are consumed at the table.

For rational logic individuals who insist on taking weight loss

products among others, and continue to eat the same way. They

shall apply Consciousness about it.

Before taking this medicine find a location, where you can still

contact your consciousness.

Relax and put the following questions about this form it serenely

and without (thinking), they may ask through words to yourself,

or just mentally. And calmly waiting for the answer it will be

answered within. And feel that despotism well within itself, and

can write in your memory or on paper, which may later pass in

review, when have doubt, only then can move to the next


After all why do I have to take a similar product?

Is it really necessary to take this amount?

I will even depend on it.

The end result will be good forever?

José Cruz

Maybe I even do more harm than good?

Is it healthier to replace the medication with food?

Many more questions could be made that the answers of

consciousness are always the same.

Of course you can change anything you want in your life by

simply self-confidence in yourself.



Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st17

Natural Products

To lose the habits of drug addiction, have to create a new

habit as you know.

When the human body as the mind cannot be removed without

any addiction will inspire others, but the crazed mind. They will

then proceed as follows, simple and cost.

Instead of transforming your home into a pharmacy or herbal

remedies. Because they have to eat properly, gain a new habit that

is passing before to go to the supermarket, market, or the square,

because these sites may find all the food needed for human


With all the nutrients that are found in medications in a phased


This way they can be fed naturally and deliberately.

Only taking into account what types of foods and quantities you

need for you’re day to day.

With the continuity will begin to feel more in communion with

you, and through the steps that I have been remembering, will

increasingly moving in yourself.

José Cruz


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

18th Step

Choose Foods

You know how to make your doubt, without being in the

pharmacy or herbal remedies, because it is only necessary when

people lose control of them sick, now will illustrate how to discern

the necessary food to Health.

Very well!

They can start training at home, extending later to the local

purchase of food as follows. Being hungry at home and in front of

you there the most varied species of fruit for example.

How many times are so uncertain is what will get to eat. How

indecision is made in the Mind Intuition and atrophy, may be led

to lay hold on any piece of fruit.

Feeling attracted only by the color or maybe just remembering the

taste, and when starting to eat.

It may not be well that may draw upon another in the same way,

this is due to instability of the Mind.

Well what do you want to get it right the first time and without

(thinking) then trained the same way as it did in children,

applying Intuition.

José Cruz

It has the fruit prepared in front of you, close your eyes and go

without playing each piece (think). Feel it lightly in your hand,

that the fruit that your body needs exactly, will give you a sense

of interconnection more subtle, than any other. This then is the


Develop over time when you go shopping, the less (think) better on

these occasions.

What the extent that it is out of Mind, Intuition comes into

operation in the selection process, when you find yourself often

being distracted, and re-enter the Mind.

Already have that is most appropriate in hand getting caught.

It's easy enough to just go training, with time comes that

wonderful feeling of being the universe for you to choose.

Another way to feel what the body needs for its proper

functioning, it is also through intuition.

And if it passes!

By placing a particular food in the mouth, it is necessary to the

body in terms of vitamins minerals and other things. The same is

absorbed with maximum satisfaction to the person. If the

individual is not aware of the quantities that you are eating right

now, and let the mind take over through repetition of the act of

eating. It may come later to bring certain organic troubles.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Questions often They

When someone who questions what kind of food to eat.

Comment that because people are not all alike, as well as their

physical performance. They should eat what you love and that

make you feel good about she, but consciously.

But avoiding the processed foods, and canned, approaching

natural, whole food, preferably the less cooked the better, because

it takes to lose the true essence of food, and about whether to eat

meat or not?

Eat consciously. Just think back to the most forgotten that, for

example. The shape of the cavity that exists in the human being is

designed for liquid foods and vegetables.

Everything depends on the consciousness of each one.

As this evil Description: There are people who are so

compassionate towards animals, appearing to them to have love

and affection. At one point they kill and eat and make merry

until, they are often stupid traditions.

To reverse such situations human beings will have to ascend to a

higher level of consciousness.

So eat and drink what they like most, but do yourself a favor and

me. Eat with Awareness, Consciousness, because through this you

will discover who you are.

José Cruz

General sometimes hear people talk among them, do not know

what to do for lunch?

Or do not know what I eat. And in most cases have full


These comments not more than the sign inside, to slow the pace of

eating, or sometimes even stop for a few days, doing a little fast,

or changing the type of food for another lighter and healthier,

because this is so that the organism is to express yourself.

After that feeling sick or tired to eat and needs rest.

Is there a special technique to gain more awareness as such?

Yes there is.

The East has been a long time rolling out increasingly in the West

through their cultures and media. And they brought also some

basic tools necessary for their existence.

One was the familiar strings that replace the fork, taking the

person who has not a good practice in their management, to

develop patience, a basic thing to anyone. And while eating more

slowly, give to eat less.

Get some sticks and practice at home first, not to bad as some

figures that take up a stick in each hand.

It is very easy, putting the mind aside and practicing with brown

rice, without being washed, because it sticks to the glue.


They ask, why is retiring after little sleep and dream a lot, and

when the thing in the morning feeling tired?

This is because of eating too much, and did not wait the necessary

time to make a good digestion. So when you go to bed and fall

asleep immediately, the body continues to digest food, leading to

Mind also join the party because she is dragged by the current

excessive energy, which circulates in the body.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

What she does not know how to create anything, only reflects

past events of that day often? The people call dreams.

So how do I not have dinner?

Of course if that is your will, eat just enough to lie down when

you have the digestion is done.

If you like walking sick or tired to eat and needs rest.

Or go to the bakery to see what new to prove.

Do it early in the morning or at lunchtime. Because during the

day will be able to burn those excess calories.

And when there by late afternoon eat something without being

heavy, if you go to bed early.

Also ask if, during the meal to drink liquids.

It must be so before starting the meal. When, for example whether

to eat at a restaurant, the time it takes the request to come,

should be preferred to sip a glass of water, so that when the food

arrives, the stomach already exists to do anything in ballast.

Taking a person has to eat more slowly.

The person should just stick just at the beginning to take

something while waiting, or else leave the rest to consume liquor

only after finishing the meal, if they feel like it and have room for


Or wait for the body goes digesting what you have.

Then you can finish off the rest. Why not this way opens up his

stomach with what you have. Then you can finish off the rest.

Because in this way does not dilate the stomach.

Or go eating and drinking consciously feel fed up. They also

question about the intervals between meals?

Do the same when they were children, never worried about such

things, never taking it too seriously, fed only when they felt the

intuition to ask them something, often just snacking, why not

(thought) only felt. And do not bother to choose a full table. They

were impelled by something that would quench.

José Cruz

Go back again to be children in this regard, without forgetting

other adults to be.

Some people have this comment!

I am very good to eat and a moment's notice, lose all desire to eat.

And increasingly it is becoming more common, because it will be?

They also question about the intervals between meals?

Do the same when they were children, never worried about that

kind of never taking things too seriously, fed only when they felt

the intuition to ask them something, often just snacking, why not

(thought) only felt. And do not bother to choose a full table. They

were impelled by something that would quench.

Go back again to be children in this regard, without forgetting

other adults to be.


Because your consciousness is gaining ground on the Mind, and

thus is to allow intuition to govern them.

Why is that only she knows the qualities and quantities of foods

that the body Ned.

Also some question, how long do you think will lead to lose these

extra pounds?

It depends on your conscience, that when she went to get them, do

not take into consideration.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

The Mission

I start this mission by giving more complete, by which I

have driven to your interior, leading them to ask themselves the

same as you could have declined overall.

The essential goal was achieved quite successfully. I can tell you

by what rule me, I've felt that many of you have begun to change

within you; some have already been able to play their Souls.

Because it is only thus that the cure is possible.

This task I was asked by the Holy Spirit of Light is one more to

strengthen the existing works that led the same stamp this.

Because this work is directed you to remind you how they can

change everything you want in your life, only if the existing basic

governing this manual, as well as what you can add to you.

The Spirit accompanies me, asks me to leave you here also

described a reminder.

About the terms and morals that govern the entire Universe, so to

have an understanding and rise faster to the Sacred.

José Cruz


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Promptings of the Spirit

Many of you must have felt that, after delighting a nice

meal, and sometimes being accompanied by someone closer. And

they find that there is nothing at the top of the Earth, they can

bring more welfare or happiness, than that they are witnessing at

the moment. They feel that above all else still missing something

but you do not know what it is, this lack unidentifiable and felt

for many, who after having had in mind for the first time, which

with age tends to grow more. It takes many people to assimilate

as Solitude.

But those feelings are nothing more than a Spiritual sign that the

person has come all that had to evolve in terms mental aspects

that have been developing.

It is through these demonstrations that the Spirit of each one, you

start to demand that it is high time to turn to spiritual growth. If

they ignore these reminders of the Spirit, the life of the people

starts to become unbalanced in all aspects and leading to all sorts

of health problems, physical and mental.

Therefore for those who know these facts, have them in good care.

So what does it cost to recall who they are spiritually, nothing,

just forgotten, because to grow this part there is no suffering, pain

or passion, as there is for a mental and material growth.

José Cruz

There is but Love, Compassion, Humility and Contemplation, as

has been proven over the centuries, through conflicts, wars and

application of the brutality of man to his fellow men and nature,

that by these pathways are not evolved at all, leaving now only

the path of Spirituality, for the maximum evolution of any person.

Should not be ignored, which are solar beings, and in turn

Spiritual, about a Human form. Because if that were not were not

intuition that comes from the Soul.

I stay grateful to all for feeling this humble Spirit of Holy Light.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally