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Hanako's Heart - Tomek Piorkowski
The student must learn
It was only then that Smuggler Knight realised he was covered in blood.
His breathing was deep but controlled, his heart beat fast but not heavily palpitating.
Nevertheless, he felt that his mind was about to slide into panic. To stop this, Smuggler
Knight deliberately decided to reground himself, to carefully reanalyse his situation
starting from the most very basic assumptions :
1) What happened?
1-a) Smuggler Knight had walked into a trap.
1-b) Smuggler Knight had managed to fight his way out of it.
2) Where is this place?
2-a) Smuggler Knight was aboard a spacestation. He could feel the gentle,
omnipresent throbbing, so typical of spacestations, that tapped the underside of his boots
through the deck floor.
2-b) More specifically, Smuggler Knight was in a large and vacant storage room
aboard this specific spacestation.
2-c) More importantly, Smuggler Knight was aboard a spacestation which fell
under the jurisdiction of a Corporate vassal, the Shareholder Tang Yu-lin 1 . Said
Shareholder will soon want Smuggler Knight dead.
3) Who is this person, standing here?
3-a) Smuggler Knight was someone who was to be very dead very soon if he did
not get out of Shareholder Tang Yu-lin's territory extremely quickly.
3-b) Smuggler Knight had just killed four people, this being the reason for
supposition 2-c and also 3-a
4) What now?
4-a) Smuggler Knight would first pray to his Ancestors for guidance.
4-b) Smuggler Knight would analyse his context, decide an action, and follow
the action through.
Analysis of the context. Why is context so important? Without context, a moment of
time has neither a past nor a future, it has neither an inheritance nor anything to bequeath.
Without past or future, the present may as well not exist, the presence of the present
moment is obliterated.
Analyse the context carefully. Where is this present moment coming from? Where
shall this present moment go to?
It must be studied. It is important. With a careful study, the causality of reality is
looked over, and the consequences of actions are hidden behind smoke. It is said that
those who study according to a system are those most successful at those studies. One of
the most common systems of study is to study the work in chronological order. We shall
need to go to the beginning.
In the beginning ( a context )
Is there any true beginning to a story? Or a true ending? In truth, there are no
beginnings and endings but merely one continuous narrative, cut at certain points for the
sake of finiteness, yet still dependent on what came before and what shall come after.