Hallow Reed the Master Within HTML version

Li ke a candl e i n the darkness, Ryan's poetry
book, i ll umi nes that exquisi te journey toward our
desti ny that we, as humans, are traveli ng. Wi th
gentl e words and heartfel t emoti on, hi s spi ri tual
i nspi rati onal poems about li fe share wi th us a
message of l ove, joy and li ghtness. He cel ebrates
as we make our transi ti on from seed to bl oom,
from chil d to adul t, from apprenti ce to craftsman.
Hallow Reed ~
The Master Within
This is a introduction of selected
poems and a word about spiritual
reality from the Author.
Ryan Daniels © 2013 ryandaniels.net
"Readi ng Ryan Dani els has al ways been a great del i ght for me. My Impressi on of hi m i s that he wri tes i nspi red pi eces of poetr y --
qui te del ectabl e to th e h eart, the mi nd and spi ri t. An anal ogy that i nstantl y comes to my mi nd i s one of "n ectar" -- hi s i nspi rati onal
poems nouri shes and upli fts your spi ri ts. To me, he i s li ke the Engl ish Romanti c poet Shel l ey's skylark who embraces the dark bl ue i n
his fli ghts and from those l ofty hei ghts si ngs wi th full -throated ease of humani ty's essential nobili ty and goodness. And his poetry
has a certai n charismatic power to make us bel i eve i n oursel ves. To read hi s poems i s essenti all y to enter i nto a soul ful com muni on
that bri ngs us cl oser to all of God's creati on i n a spiri t of l ovi ng ki ndness and compassi on, even as i t exhilarates our hear ts and fills
our mi nds wi th the subli mest of thoughts. I have no doubt Ryan's poetry will i nstantl y endear i tsel f to the readers and affect them
wi th a bli theness of spi ri t that wil l catch on."
CR Mittal/Poet and Scholar