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hairs natural moisture content but also they stop moisture from reaching your hair. While
wearing extensions (regardless of whether they are artificial or not) always treat your scalp with
a gentle massage using a scalp moisturizing cream or natural olive oil. A great scalp massage
cream that’s not too oily or expensive is the Head and Shoulders Soothing Lotion for Dry Scalp
Leave-in Treatment or the Jane Carter Solution Scalp Nourishing Serum. Carol’s Daughter also
has a line of scalp treatments available as well.
Deep Condition Braids!
If you are wearing braid extensions don’t forget to condition them. Since braids can remove the
natural moisture content from our hair underneath, it’s essential to moisturize. A great tip is
using a bottle with a diluted mix of water and a few drops of vitamin E oil. Spray this mixture on
your braids to promote moisture penetration. This with help prevent knotting of the hair as well
as shedding when the hair is taken down. A good moisturizer is also important on the day you’re
going to take out your braid extensions. Take Down Hair Moisturizing Cream is an excellent
braid remover.
Also, after washing your hair always be sure your hair is completely dry to avoid bacteria and
mildew from forming. A great tip is using a micro-fiber towel to help absorb water quicker.
Essential Ingredients for your Curly Hair:
Naturally curly hair requires moisture to restore it and keep it looking shiny. Ethnic curly hair
especially needs to have lots of moisture. However, most ethnic products contain low end oils
that weigh down and coat the hair, while non-ethnic products dry the hair - not adding enough
moisture keeping it looking dull.
Here are some essential ingredients to look for when shopping for your curly hair
Amino Silk Acids (protein), Whole Oats, Wheat Germ, Jojoba, Avocado and Coconut Oil. These
natural ingredients add and maintain the hairs natural moisture balance keeping it looking shiny,
bouncy and manageable.
HAIR TIP: If your scalp is itchy or flakey, pour some diluted mixture of water and Sea Breeze
or Witch Hazel on a cotton ball and dab it on your scalp to take away the itchiness or flakes. 
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