Hair Growth Survival Guide - The Do's & Don'ts of Growing Healthy Hair HTML version

The best way to reduce breakage, maintain the hairs moisture and PH levels and promote hair
growth is by doing and avoiding the following things:
Stop Shrinkage & Damage
One of the best ways to avoid shrinkage and maintain the hairs moisture is to use a hair diffuser.
If you are wearing a curly style and want to avoid a lot of shrinkage a diffuser helps to gently dry
the hair but still maintains the hairs length while it is wet.
Detangle the Hair – always handle your hair with care. Never pull or tug on the hair especially
when it’s wet. If your hair is tangles take one hair at a time and slowly and gently pull the hair so
it slides smoothly out of the tangle. If you get too impatient and pull the hair it can easily tear
causing unnecessary breakage. Detangle gently from the ends upward using the fingers first
followed by a wide-tooth comb. An excellent detangler is Infusium 23 or Terax Crema
What You Should Know!
Did you know that over 80% of women have dirt, cholesterol or bacteria built-up on the root of
their hair due to sticky products used throughout their lifetime? It's very difficult to get rid of this
residue build-up on the hair. And of course we all want our curly hair to shine. Check out this
home recipe that will leave your hair shiny and free of the ugly gloom of product build-up.
Natural Home Conditioner
To maintain shiny locks and to remove any residue, follow this hair maintenance recipe. Don't
forget to try a patch test first to ensure you have no allergic reactions.
Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo.
After shampoo is rinsed and is squeezed to remove as much water as possible, soak your
hair in a diluted mixture of water and apple cider vinegar (ACV). Use 2 cups of water
with 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar.
Pour the mixture of ACV and water on the scalp from the roots then down to the tips of the hair
or use a spray bottle.
Leave diluted mixture on the hair for about 5-10 minutes. Cover your curly cues with a plastic
cap and wrap head with a warm towel.
Rinse hair with warm water thoroughly to ensure all or any build-up has been removed from the
hair. This hair treatment can be done every two weeks or possibly once a month - depending on
the condition of the hair. This handy recipe adds sheen and softness to your hair. 
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