Hair Growth Survival Guide - The Do's & Don'ts of Growing Healthy Hair


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If you have questions about growing healthy hair, such as what foods help your hair grow longer, what shampoos you should never use, and what foods in your diet could be affecting your hair growth, then download this FREE e-Book, and get your answers to those questions and many others today!


I think this book is very helpful. It includes different types of mistakes we often do with our hair as well as best possible ways of taking care of our hair.

angela campbell

Very good advise! Thank you!

Jill Holland

Yes the book was very informative, and well written.


because u only made me download 13 pages and not the full one :S

leanne easthope

i learned alot, thanks.

Oluwayemisi Yesufu

its aid to keep the hair in good condition grow healthy


I really liked this book. It was short, to the point, full of helpful hints, and I even liked the recipes! I tried out the healthy strand tests and my hair went through the needle with no problem and also floated in the cup on water - which is great because I thought my hair would be pretty damaged! I have ethnic hair and I am looking for ways to make it grown long. I guess now I have to give up the coke and start learning to like green tea. Although I don't like drinking a lot of tea. I'd like my hair to be waist-length though. I'm hoping to grow at least three or four more inches by the end of the year. Thanks for the great tips.


Its good for hair care

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