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Welcome to the HN Magic Reviews Ebook. It contains my reviews of
several hundreds of magic tricks, props, books, videos, DVDs, CDs and
accessories painfully gathered in more than 20 years of magic and
If you are a performing magician, mentalist or stage hypnotist, you
drawer is certainly full of items you have never used: this gimmick
needs a coat, this prop is not examinable, that trick is for stage shows
only, spectators can only watch from a restrictive angle, this secret
device is too bulky, that one is too noisy, people can’t talk to each other
at the end of the effect etc. etc. etc. These concerns certainly sound
familiar – but you discover them only after the purchase. My reviews
focus on the negative aspects of the magic products, the “dark side” of
the tricks, in order to provide some constructive critics and help you in
assessing whether the purchase is worthwhile or not, independently from
the misleading magic ads.
Please note that I do not buy, trade or sell anything, I do not belong to
any magic/mentalism/ hypnosis organization, I am not acquainted with
any famous performer, and I do not accept ads, sponsors or affiliate
links on my website (the ads you see are part of the free hosting deal,
and are not under my control): this hopefully allows my opinions to be
as “objective” as possible... take a quick look at my tiny best-of and at
my large magical junkyard to see what I mean.
All the reviews are also posted in the wonderful Magic Café, which is a
very well-managed discussion forum; however, due to the ever-
increasing difficulty in locating the reviews among one million
messages, I decided to create this website to allow an easier consultation
(and to satisfy that egocentric feeling). For your convenience, all the
reviews include a link to the relevant pages of the Magic Café, should
you wish to view or post further comments. If you wish to be informed
about updates, new reviews etc. you may want to subscribe to my free
newsletter as well.
Hopefully these reviews will be of some assistance in your magical
journey, saving you time and money in locating the best effects for your
own performances. Find out what’s right for you… and enjoy!
© Harvey Nerzof 2002-2007 -
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