Guys and Real Dolls: a Story of Stunted Emotional Growth, Fear of Rejection, Acute Loneliness and Ne HTML version

I Introduction
In 2007, the BBC produced Guys and Dolls1, a groundbreaking documentary about men
who choose to buy life-like dolls (RealDolls2) as companions. Based on a 2008 case of
necrophilia in Q uebec 3, the definition provided by Rosman and Resnick
4 and
observations gleaned from the documentary, I will endeavour to draw a parallel between
necrophiliacs and men who form attachments to RealDolls. Using as an example three
sex doll owners from the documentary (Everard, Gordon and Davecat), I will show that a
dysfunctional relationship with an overbearing parent (or parents) can stunt a person s
emotional growth, causing him or her to have difficulty forming meaningful attachments
with humans out of a fear of rejection and to find solace in anatomically perfect
alternative partners. I will then argue that media and a culture of male domination also
account for the three mens unrealistic expectations of women and romantic relationships.
1 Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary), 2007, 50 min.
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4 Rosman, J. P.; Resnick, P. J. (1989). Sexual attraction to corpses: A psychiatric review of necrophilia. Bulletin of
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