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2. The Murder Car
Garrick looked from one to the other of his visitors intently. Here was an entirely
unexpected development in the case which stamped it as set apart from the
"How did the driver manage to explain it and get away?" he asked quickly.
McBirney shook his head in evident disgust at the affair.
"He must be a clever one," he pursued thoughtfully. "When he came into the
garage they say he was in a rather jovial mood. He said that he had run into a
cow a few miles back on the road, and then began to cuss the farmer, who had
stung him a hundred dollars for the animal."
"And they believed it?" prompted Garrick.
"Yes, the garage keeper's assistant swallowed the story and cleaned the car.
There was some blood on the radiator and hood, but the strange part was that it
was spattered even over the rear seat--in fact, was mostly in the rear."
"How did he explain that?"
"Said that he guessed the farmer who stung him wouldn't get much for the
carcass, for it had been pretty well cut up and a part of it flung right back into the
"And the man believed that, too?"
"Yes; but afterward the garage keeper himself was told. He met the farmer in
town later, and the farmer denied that he had lost a cow. That set the garage
keeper thinking. And then, while they were cleaning up the garage later in the