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8. The Explanation
We had not noticed a car which had stopped just past us and Garrick was
surprised at hearing his own name called.
We looked up from contemplating the discovery he had made in the road, to see
Miss Winslow waving to us. She had motored down from Tuxedo immediately
after receiving the message over the telephone, and with her keen eye had
picked out both the place of the accident and ourselves studying it.
As we approached, I could see that she was much more pale than usual.
Evidently her anxiety for Warrington was thoroughly genuine. The slanderous
letter had not shaken her faith in him, yet.
She had left her car and was walking back along the road with us toward the
broken fence. Garrick had been talking to her earnestly and now, having
introduced her to Dr. Mead, the doctor and he decided to climb down to inspect
the wrecked car itself in the ravine below.
Miss Winslow cast a quick look from the broken fence down at the torn and
twisted wreckage of the car and gave a suppressed little cry and shudder.
"How is Mortimer?" she asked of me eagerly, for I had agreed to stay with her
while the others went down the slope. "I mean how is he really? Is he likely to be
better soon, as Mr. Garrick said over the telephone?" she appealed.
"Surely--absolutely," I assured her, knowing that if Garrick had said that he had
meant it. "Miss Winslow, believe me, neither Mr. Garrick nor Dr. Mead is
concealing anything. It is pretty bad, of course. Such things are always bad. But it
might be far worse. And besides, the worst now has passed."