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20. The Speaking ARC
"Looks pretty deserted here," remarked Garrick to Dillon's man, who had
accompanied us from the door into the now deserted gambling den.
"Yes," he grinned, "there's not much use in keeping me here since they took all
the stuff to headquarters. Now and then one of the old rounders who has been
out of town and hasn't heard of the raid comes in. You should see their faces
change when they catch sight of my uniform. They never stop to ask questions,"
he chuckled. "They just beat it."
I was wondering how the police regarded Garrick's part in the matter, and while
Garrick was busy I asked, "Have you seen Inspector Herman lately?"
The man laughed.
"What's the matter?" I asked, "Is he sore at having the raid pulled off over his
"Sore?" the roundsman repeated, "Oh, not a bit, not a bit. He enjoyed it. It gave
him so much credit," the man added sarcastically, "especially after he fell down in
getting the evidence against that other place around the corner."
"Was that his case, too?" I asked.
"Sure," replied the policeman. "Didn't you know that? That Rena Taylor was
working under his orders when she was killed. They tell me at headquarters he's
working overtime on the case and other things connected with it. He hasn't said
much, but there's someone he is after--I know. Mark my words. Herman is
always most dangerous when he's quiet. The other day he was in here, said
there was a man who used to be seen here a good deal in the palmy days, who
had disappeared. I don't know who he was, but Herman asked me to keep a