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19. The Eavesdropper Again
It took our combined efforts now to take care not only of Violet Winslow but
Warrington himself, who was on the verge of collapse after his heroic rescue of
I found the cab and in perhaps half an hour Miss Winslow was so far recovered
that she could be taken to the hotel where she and her aunt had engaged rooms
for the night.
We drew up at an unfrequented side carriage entrance of the hotel in order to
avoid the eyes of the curious and Warrington jumped out to assist Violet. The
strain had told on him and in spite of his desire to take care of her, he was glad to
let Garrick guide him to the elevator, while I took Miss Winslow's arm to assist
Our first object had been to get our two invalids where they could have quiet and
so regain their strength and we rode up in the elevator, unannounced, to the
suite of Violet and her aunt.
"For heaven's sake--Violet--what's all this?" exclaimed Mrs. de Lancey as we four
entered the room.
It was the first time we had seen the redoubtable Aunt Emma. She was a large
woman, well past middle age, and must have been handsome, rather than pretty,
when she was younger. Everything about Mrs. de Lancey was correct, absolutely
correct. Her dress looked like a form into which she had been poured, every line
and curve being just as it should be, having "set" as if she had been made of
reinforced concrete. In short, she was a woman of "force."