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15. The Plot
We had been able to secure a key to the hotel entrance of the Old Tavern, so
that we felt free to come and go at any hour of the day or night. We let ourselves
in and mounted the stairs cautiously to our room.
"At least they haven't discovered anything, yet," Garrick congratulated himself,
looking about, as I struck a light, and finding everything as we had left it.
Late as it was, he picked up the detective receiver of the mechanical
eavesdropper and held it to his ears, listening intently several moments.
"There's someone in the garage, all right," he exclaimed. "I can hear sounds as if
he were moving about among the cars. It must be the garage keeper himself--the
one they call the Boss. I don't think our clever Chief would have the temerity to
show up here yet, even at this hour."
We waited some time, but not the sound of a voice came from the instrument.
"It would be just like them to discover one of these detectaphones," remarked
Garrick at length. "This is a good opportunity. I believe I'll just let myself down
there in the yard again and separate those two wires, further. There's no use in
risking all the eggs in one basket."
While I listened in, Garrick cautiously got out the rope ladder and descended.
Through the detectaphone I could hear the noise of the man walking about the
garage and was ready at the window to give Garrick the first alarm of danger if
he approached the back of the shop, but nothing happened and he succeeded in
accomplishing his purpose of further hiding the two wires and returning safely.
Then we resumed listening in relays.