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13. The Incendiary
"The Warrington estate owns another large apartment house, besides the one
where Warrington has his quarters, on the next street," remarked Garrick, half an
hour later, after we had met the boy from his office. "I have arranged that we can
get in there and use one of the empty suites."
Garrick had secured two rather good-sized boxes from the boy, and was carrying
them rather carefully, as if they contained some very delicate mechanism.
Warrington, we found, occupied a suite in a large apartment on Seventy-second
Street, and, as we entered, Garrick stopped and whispered a few words to the
The boy seemed to be more than usually intelligent and had evidently been told
over the telephone by Warrington that we were coming. At least we had no
trouble, so far.
Warrington's suite was very tastefully furnished for bachelor quarters. In the
apartment, Garrick unwrapped one of the packages, and laid it open on the table,
while he busied himself opening the safe, using the combination that Warrington
had given him.
I waited nervously, for we could not be sure that no one had got ahead of us,
already. There was no need for anxiety, however.
"Here's the letter, just as Warrington left it," reported Garrick in a few minutes,
with some satisfaction, as he banged the safe door shut and restored things so
that it would not look as though the little strong box had been touched.
Meanwhile, I had been looking curiously at the box on the table. It did not seem
to be like anything we had ever used before. One end was open, and the lid lifted