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Chapter I.7
[The author, being informed of a design to accuse him of high- treason, makes his escape
to Blefuscu. His reception there.]
Before I proceed to give an account of my leaving this kingdom, it may be proper to
inform the reader of a private intrigue which had been for two months forming against
I had been hitherto, all my life, a stranger to courts, for which I was unqualified by the
meanness of my condition. I had indeed heard and read enough of the dispositions of
great princes and ministers, but never expected to have found such terrible effects of
them, in so remote a country, governed, as I thought, by very different maxims from
those in Europe.
When I was just preparing to pay my attendance on the emperor of Blefuscu, a
considerable person at court (to whom I had been very serviceable, at a time when he lay
under the highest displeasure of his imperial majesty) came to my house very privately at
night, in a close chair, and, without sending his name, desired admittance. The chairmen
were dismissed; I put the chair, with his lordship in it, into my coat-pocket: and, giving
orders to a trusty servant, to say I was indisposed and gone to sleep, I fastened the door of
my house, placed the chair on the table, according to my usual custom, and sat down by
it. After the common salutations were over, observing his lordship's countenance full of
concern, and inquiring into the reason, he desired "I would hear him with patience, in a
matter that highly concerned my honour and my life." His speech was to the following
effect, for I took notes of it as soon as he left me:-
"You are to know," said he, "that several committees of council have been lately called,
in the most private manner, on your account; and it is but two days since his majesty
came to a full resolution.
"You are very sensible that Skyresh Bolgolam" (galbet, or high- admiral) "has been your
mortal enemy, almost ever since your arrival. His original reasons I know not; but his
hatred is increased since your great success against Blefuscu, by which his glory as
admiral is much obscured. This lord, in conjunction with Flimnap the high-treasurer,
whose enmity against you is notorious on account of his lady, Limtoc the general, Lalcon
the chamberlain, and Balmuff the grand justiciary, have prepared articles of impeachment
against you, for treason and other capital crimes."
This preface made me so impatient, being conscious of my own merits and innocence,
that I was going to interrupt him; when he entreated me to be silent, and thus proceeded:-
"Out of gratitude for the favours you have done me, I procured information of the whole
proceedings, and a copy of the articles; wherein I venture my head for your service.