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About the Author
Louise Slavnic is the holder of a Diploma of Teaching
[Primary – Australian Catholic University] and Bachelor of
Education [Primary –Australian Catholic University]. She
has a passion for helping people of all ages reach their
goals, and realize their potential in all parts of life. Louise
learned to play the guitar at 8 years of age. Now with over
20 years playing the guitar, teaching children and adults to play guitar as a
hobby, Louise has combined her educational skills and practical experiences to
develop the Guitar Made Easy video/workbook program. Remember her words
of encouragement: “You’ll always be glad you can play.”
Published in Australia
Attention – Disclaimer – Important
This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in
regard to the subject matter covered. The information herein is based upon the
author/publishers’ experience and opinion only. The author/publisher is not
engaged in professional guitar tuition services. If expert assistance is required,
the services of a professional tutor should be sought. Many variables affect
individual results.
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