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Guildford Rock.
Chapter 1
Jeff, is 33 years old, married with a £400 a month
mortgage. Working as a Paramedic for the London
Ambulance Service. A realist, a romantic, and a
Like many of us; in the twilight moments before
sleep finally overtakes us, he would dream about how
he would spend all that money if he ever won the
national lottery.
With no children, both parents dead, and no brothers
or sisters, he would daydream about a hedonistic
lifestyle. His dreams would include buying a top of
the range convertible Bentley. A blue one, or a white
one, he could never make up his mind, maybe a blue
one with white interior. "Yeah that's the one." He
would travel with his friends around Europe playing
golf and stopping at all the top five star
hotels. Jumping on airplanes, travelling to America
and playing golf with his hero Fred Couples. Maybe he
would buy a boat or a desert island, "Just like
Richard Branson" but one thing he knew he wouldn't be
doing, was sharing it with his ex bitch of a wife.
He used to have do as much overtime as he could to
keep up with his ex wife's extravagant lifestyle. He
worked part time for a friend who owned a mini cab
firm in Bayswater, London's West End. The company did
90% account work for big companies and high end
celebrities. Jeff was a popular guy, and often the
celeb's would ask for him by name; by Elton John,
Kiki Dee, Apple studios #3 Saville Row (The Beatles),
The Queen's Lady in waiting, Donovan the folk singer,
they all asked for Jeff.
One day he went to Elton John's house (Hercules) on
the Wentworth estate. He had to pick up a giant teddy
bear and take it back to the Dorchester hotel to be
auctioned off later that night. It turned out that it