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Guna Deivendran May 2010


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction……………………………………………….. 04
Chapter 2– My Recommendations for Making Money Online.. 09
How to Make Sure You are Successful 10
Defining Your Goals 11
How to Come up With a Pla n to Make Money Online 13
Understanding the Idea of Making Residual Income 15
versus One-Time Income
Chapter 3– Why You can Make Money from Blogging…….…... 17
History and Origin of Blogging 17
The Strategy to Make Money Blogging 19
Chapter 4– Identify Your Niche Market……………..……………. 20
What is Niche Market? 20
Who are you? 21
Finding your Niche Market 23
Chapter 5– How to Setup Your Own Blog………………............ 32
Setting Up a Blog on Your Own Domain Name 33
Setting up Your Blog on a Free Blogging Site 37
Chapter 6– How to Make Money With Your Blog………….…….. 39
Making Money from Advertisements 39
Making Money from Affiliate Marketing 41
Making Money from with Your Own Products 42
Chapter 7– How to Make a Killing with Your Blog.………........ 44
How to Build a List 44
Build a Relationship with Your Community 45
Make the Sale 46
Chapter 8– Conclusion– Did You Learn Anything?............... 47

Chapter 1– Introduction

Every single day more and more people are looking for ways to make money online for various reasons. The reason could be as simple as an alternative way to make money, earn additional money for living, replace existing income with online income, or simply looking for ways to make a few extra dollars.

With today’s fast -paced world, people are realizing that having a “job” and working 40 hours a week is not going to provide them with the resources to raise a family. It is also not the ideal way to live. You deserve better. You need to work less and make more money. You can do that with the Internet– given that you follow the right strategy.

When I started out 15 years ago to play around with the online world, the virtual world as I like to call it,my motive wasn’t to make money. I was simply a teenager, eager to learn HTML to setup my own website on GeoCities! Yes the famous GeoCities, which used to be the home for me and many of my friends in the early days.

I find it that when the motivating factor is not “money”, it is easy to accomplish a successful venture online that will indeed return a huge return of investment– i.e. money and success!

You may be wondering why I am blabbing about not having the motive to make money is the best to make more money.

I assure you, you will learn from me throughout this book wh y that is indeed the case.
Generations after generations, people thrived on building relationship and trust. Once you have a community around you that trusts you, you are on your way to success.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. I am sure you’ve heard of that from your parents when you grew up. If it is easy to make money then everyone will be making lots of money.

Making money online takes time and it takes a lot of patience from you. If you are not the kind of person to have the patience, then this venture may not be for you. Just like a real job, you will have to know what you are doing and you will have to work hard to make the first jump.

What do I mean by the first jump? W ell you will have to lay the foundation to make the money first. Once you lay the foundation, you will have to build a runway for your business to take off. That takes time. Once you’ve complete the runway, you are ready for a take off.

All of this takes time to build. As it is in real life, you will have to plan everything carefully before execution. Once you are at this stage, you can launch your business and follow some of the strategies explained in this book and hope for the best.

This is what I meant by the first jump – it takes time to get over the first hurdle. Once you are passed the first jump, you have to continue to monitor and tweak your business to grow.
It all depends on the market you are playing in. i.e. if you are blogging to make money, then you need to make sure you are attracting visitors by adding fresh contents on a regular basis.

If you’ve created a blog and don’t add fresh content, then no one will come to your site. You are not adding value to your potential customer, today’s visitor.

Hence, my point, you will nee d to make a commitment to spend time building your online business to successfully make money. If you goal is to make a few quick dollars without doing any work, then you are seriously limited to what you can do.

I am not trying to scare you off but all I want to do is to let you know that it is going to take some time before you start making money online. It could be as short as a few days or it could be as long as a few months to a year. It all depends on what you are trying to do.

I want to go back to my earlier point about not making “money” as the motivating factor for you to try something online. Sometimes it becomes easy for you to attract and build a community when “money” isn’t the motivating factor.

You are putting yourself in the front line to add value to your fellow visitors.You want today’s visitors to be tomorrow’s customer. You are building your reputation. They need to trust what you have to say to them today. Then in return when you are ready to make money, they will buy your products b ecause you have already built your trust with them. I find it difficult to make money when I put money before adding value.
Please don’t get me wrong; at the end of the day, we all want to make money. That is precisely why I wrote this e -book and that is why you are already reading this e -book. My point is simple– don’t expect to make ton of money if you are not going to add any value to begin with unless you have so much money to throw on Google for advertisement.

Now, if you have read up to this poin t, I am sure you are looking for ways to make money with me. Congratulations… if I have not scared the“shit” out of you by now, I think you are pretty serious about making money online. I am going to help you make your own money on the internet.

In the next few chapters, I will explain to you how I found ways to make money online over the past 15 years. I had many failures with a few successes. The few successes will make up for the many failures. If you don’t try, then you won’t fail but then again, you won’t be successful either. In this book, I am mainly going to focus on my best one– making money with a blog.

Read carefully what I have to say and do more research before you spend a penny. There are many people that will sell you an e -Book like this and then by this point they would have offered you a new product for you to purchase. I am not going to do that. In fact, there will be no product offers and no money making campaign on my behalf in this entire book. This is all for you so y ou can successfully make money.

However, I will point you to a few products I am using to make my blog a success.
I hope you enjoy reading this book and I hope you truly find it useful. I would love to hear from you with your feedback. Please send me any feedback you h ave to .

Guna Deivendran


Chapter 2
My Recommendations for Making Money Online

I am sure you were expecting a list of opportunities in this section but you are not going to find that here. Instead, I am going to talk about my most attractive money making ve nture on the internet– my blog.

Each chapter in this book will help you build yourself to begin making money online. I have carefully selected on ly a few opportunities used on my blog to discuss in this book. These are the opportunities that I found to be the easiest to make money online. There were many others but as time has passed, the opportunit ies have also vanished.

You have to keep in mind, sometimes opportunities are only around for a few days to a few weeks. You will soon enough learn to take advantage of them.

An example of this would be the opportunity that existed during the early days of the virtual world, During the early days, the virtual world was experiencing enormous growth. W hile trying to accommodate all avatars in the virtual world, the founders created a virtual marketplace to buy and sell virtual properties, clothing, services, etc, etc…

This provided an opportunity for someone like me, who fully understand demand driven market, to take advantage of the real estate opportunities in the virtual world. I had the money and time to invest in
I made money flipping real estates just like how I made money flipping websites and domain names. I purchased prime real estate properties at a low price and flipped it to new avatars that were looking to build their dream mansion on a waterfront /prime property. I made a killing doing this for almost two years until the market crashed in early 2009.

Yes as the real world was facing the recession, the virtual world also had a similar financial crisis. Everything fell to the lowest levels in the virtual world. Real Estates tha t you used to cost more than $15 per m2 fell below $2 per m2. This created a situation where there was abundance of real estate for people to purchase. Just like what is happening today in America n cities with the real estate market (09/10). I got out of the virtu al world and never looked back.

Well actually I logged in today as I was writing this piece to check where the market is. It hasn’t changed since the day I’ve left.

What am I trying to say in this chapter? Opportunities come and go. All existing and new opportunities will work. You can certainly make money but I want to recommend a few things in this chapter…

How to Make Sure You are Successful

Do you know how to distinguish between a successful person from an unsuccessful one? If you don’t, it is easy. You just have to ask them a question about their goals and then listen to them about what they have to say. Usuall y the successful person would have a plan with a timeline for his or her goals. The unsuccessful person will talk about his or her goals without any solid plans. The successful person will tell you when he or she will start and when they expect to hit ce rtain milestones until they reach their goals. The unsuccessful person will count on being successful by trying without planning. The unsuccessful person will know how to dream but not how to achieve it systematically.

Well I want you to take one thing fr om this book if anything, I want you to be a good planner so you can execute well.


You can’t achieve your goal of making money online unless you have a solid plan with timelines attached to each milestone.


Defining your Goals

So today, take a piece of p aper and jot down what you want to do. Ask yourself the question, why are you here and why did you choose to download my e -book. W ithin the answers to those questions, you will definitely find out where you want to be when you are successful. Ask yourself when you want to reach that success stage – for example, how would everything it look at the end?

Let’s look at an example, how about a goal to make money from blogging? W ell this is a broad goal. You are not telling yourself what you want to write about and when you want to be successful. A goal should be something like this:

“I want to make money blogging about “how to make money online for beginners” and I want to make about $250 per month by end of this year (2010). This will help me pay for my hosting services and also give me some money to purchase advertisement to continue to grow my site. In 2011, I want to reinvest the money I make from the blog and grow to a level where I am making $2500 per month by end of 2011… to get to this stage, I plan on investing about 30 minutes daily to write new content for my blog in 2010 and then if I reach my 2010 goals, I will invest additional time to really reach a stage where I can replace my existing income with blogging income.”

Now this is detailed. It talks about what exactly this person wants to blog about and what they consider a success. You can see from this quote that this person actually want s to spend a few hours weekly but eventually want to work on the blog to replace their existing income.

This definitely is a realistic goal and it can certainly be achieved. This person has milestones where they can measure their success.

Having milestones for your goal is important. You need to know if you are making progress or not. If you are not makin g progress, then do something about it. Either find something else to do or find out why you are not making any progress.
So in conclusion, you must define goals that are realistic. You need to commit time for your goal and it should be quantified. You need to break down your goal into milestones and attach a target date for each milestone. Once you have this figured out, you should be able to move to the planning stage.

Take it serious and think of it just like a business you own. W ill you slack off if you own a business? I guess not.


How to Come up With a Plan to Make Money Online?

I really want you to think about this. Now that you have written down your goal, what kind of effort are you going to put into this to make it happen? You have to come up with a serious quantifiable number for the amount of time you can commit to this new venture and how much money you can spend to make it happen.

Take it this way; imagine today you have just landed a part -time job that commits to only pay you monthly sta rting in two months.

Now if it is still being difficult for you to commit, then just stop and think about this… how you would feel with an extra $1,000 coming in every single month and how that extra money would help your current situation. If you find that additional money helpful, how would it help to free up your time?

For some people, this extra $1,000 means they don’t have to work overtime at their current job. For others, this means they can give up their part-time job. W hat would this mean for you? Then ask yourself the question, what am I willing to do today to make that extra $1,000 per month permanently. By going through this exercise, you will be able to arrive at quantifiable numbers that will help you build a solid plan.

So going back to our example on blogging to make money, by now you are able to determine how much time you are able to commit on a weekly basis for your new venture.

Once you have that information, you then have to decide when you will launch your site. In order to lau nch your site, you will need to have a place to host your site. More details about where to host, etc will be discussed in Chapter 3.

This early part where you are spending time reading this e -book and putting time on making a plan, would seem like a was te of time. Let me assure you, it will not be a waste of a time. You are just laying your foundation for a great success.

And if you feel that I am repeating, then you’ve guessed it right. Yes I am repeating to make sure you don’t waste your time. I want you to take something from this e -book and be successful.

So let me say it again, successfully making money online depends on your commitment to see it through. You have to have a plan so you can measure yourself. Without a plan, you don’t know if you are going down the right direction, if you are making money or if you will ever be successful.
Come up with a realistic plan with timelines that are reasonable to meet and stick to it. You will be successful.

Just as a cautionary point, please don’t set deadlines that are unrealistic. Don’t say you want to make money online within a month or a week. This will only make you a failure and you will not have any motivation to continue once you reach the deadline.

Understanding the Idea of
Residual Income versus One-Time Income

I want to make sure you understand this before we move on to discuss money making opportunities. Understanding this is vital because it underpins everything I will be discussing in this book.

I believe more than 90% of the people aro und the world are accustomed to one -time income– they trade time for money. I am not sure what you do for living, but if you are just like most people, you are probably doing 40 hours per week job at a set pay per hour.

This means you are not financiall y independent because you have to work to receive the paycheck. Based on how many hours you have worked that week, your paycheck will vary.

Hence when you stop working, your income drops. Therefore, onetime, or sometime called the linear income, require s continued work.


On the other hand, a residual income is most powerful and profitable source of income.

This definitely is the income of the rich people. This is the source of income that keeps coming even if you are not putting in the required time. Yes this means you are making money even if you are not working. And yes, you don’t have to retire to get to this stage!

However, it requires time and effort upfront for it to work. For example, imagine you spend an entire weekend building a blog.

If you had worked elsewhere, you would have made 16 hours times the hourly salary. But for the blog, you didn’t get any money. However, in a month your blog starts to make $10 a day. Well this doesn’t really sound like a big number but just think about it for a second– this site is making you $10 every day, 365 days of the year.

Within the first 20 days, you will probably surpass the amount of money you would have made over that weekend if you had worked elsewhere. From this blog, you will continue to rake in the profits for the entire year and beyond.

This is the path to success and this is exactly what I am hoping to teach you in this book. Don’t be an employee, be your own boss and start making money online. W ell you can also be your own boss offline!

Chapter 3
Why You Can Make Money from Blogging

To make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month from the internet, you have to add value to the internet. You have to build content rich websites. One way to build content rich website is by blogging. Blogging is probably the easiest and most freely available opportunity to setup and begin immediately.

I am assuming that you are here to make money with minimal upfront spending. If you are rich and have lots of money to throw around, then you have other opportunities. You can jump directly to the latter parts of my book on monetization.

If you don’t have experience building a website or a blog, don’t worry about it. It is not complicated. There are hundreds of free tools that will help you build a b log within a few hours.

Before we get into how to make money from blogging, I want you to read the following section to clearly understand what a blog is first. It will help you decide what sort of blog you want to operate.

History and Origin of Blogging

In the days of pen and paper, people used to write diaries to express their feelings and emotions. In today’s world where everything is online, the world discovered the word “blog” which is nothing but the contraction of the words “web log”. People in earlier days started using this as an online diary which was more or less accessed only by them or their family members.
As time went by, people started using these more and more which resulted in the exchange of each other’s blog and the message started spreading around.

Looking at the kind of popularity of these blogs - several websites came up with the concept of blogging , a platform for blogging. These are sites like Blogger, W ordpress, etc. They offered easy to use tools and options to login and beco me a free member. In other words, it allowed people to build communities. They allowed people to leave commentson each other’s blogs.

Well before you know, the marketing guys were all over this. They targeted the blogs with advertisements. People starte d placing ads all over their blogs– on top, the sides, the bottom and in between text. This is how early adaptors of the blogging world made their money; just pure advertisement on their blogs.

As marketers found the opportunity to target niche blogging communities to advertise, the bloggers also saw the opportunity to make money from it. This is where we are today, with over 120+ million blogs on the internet. Hundreds, if not thousands of new ones are started everyday.

Well rest is history and I don’t want to bore you with the definition and history of blogs. I am sure you are fully aware of what it is.


The Strategy to Make Money with Blogging

Well now that we have set the stage, I hope you are ready to make some money. I certainly hope you are because I am going to share with you how you can actually make money and make your life better.

The secret to making money online is to build content rich websites. This is what I do and this is what many other people do online to make money. This is the model if you want residual in come for the rest of your life. My strategy will not stop with content rich websites, but let’s just start with that for now.

Not to worry if you don’t have experience in writing or even having a website. It is not that diffic ult and I will share with you how you can get around both of them. If you are serious, then like I said, you need to work hard to make that online income. Building content rich website is going to give you the foundation for you to then play around with. This foundation will last for long and you can make thousands of dollars every month.

I will show you in latter chapters how you can optimize your income potential. Once you have decent traffic, you need to focus on the backend of the system. You need to l earn to make money from behind the scene. Content is a must but is it not all of it. The interesting stuff takes place behind the scene– you’ve heard of auto pilot right?

You can do this! Anyone can do this! I will show you in steps and you can follow to make more money.


Chapter 4
Identify Your Niche Market

In order to have a successful internet business, first you will need to brand yourself as an expert in something. Identifying that “something” is what I am going to discuss in this chapter.

Branding yourself within a niche market is imperative to your future successes. Since the social media market is huge and is growing on a daily basis, you will need to have your own brand which is independent of everything else you do in your life. This brand wi ll identify who you are and what you like doing the most.

Many people fail with their online startups because they fail to identify their niche. Because they fail to identify their niche, they fail to passionately share and learn everything about that par ticular niche.

You don’t want to be that person so make sure you work hard on finding your niche market before you get started with a new startup. By the time you finish reading this chapter, you will realize why I stressed on this point again and again.

What is a Niche Market?

A niche market is a subset of the mainstream market. The subset should be a distinguishable area of the overall market. This niche audience will have similar characteristics– i.e. same occupation, lifestyle, etc.
Basically your audience will have the same interest therefore if you were to target a product of interest to them and market it well then you are bound to be successful.

The difference between mainstream marketing and niche marketing is that you know your customer an d you know who and what kind of people will buy your product.

If your product is targeted for the mainstream then you are just shooting the arrow in the air and hoping that it will hit something– that’s right, you are just counting on anyone to come and buy your product.

Hence, if you are buying paid advertisement and you place your ad in the wrong section, you will again waste your money because you did not know that particular group of people will not buy your product.

This is why a niche market is more cost effective and easy to do business with.


Who Are You? (Step 1)

In order to brand yourself as a true expert in your niche market, you need to love what you do. Before you make your decision on a particular niche, you need to spend time self -evaluating yourself to help you determine how you really want to spend your precious time over the next many years.
Here are few questions you should answer before you proceed to the next step. Finding your niche market is not that difficult but you have to be honest with yourself as you prepare to identify your niche market.

In this exercise you really need to find out for yourself who you are, what is important to you, what sort of things excites you and where you want to go from here.

Once you have gone through this exercise and collected the necessary information, you will carve out a path for yourself to be wealthy and successful.

Please note, you can blog about anything in this universe but if this is your first blog, you should follow this guide.


Here are few questions that will help you identify what you niche is.

· What are you passionate about?
· What are your favorite activities?
· What do you love reading?
· What do you love to learn about?
· What do you love doing?
· What do you love to contribute to?
· What are the first three personal attributes that you will use to

define yourself?
· What are the first three personal attributes that your friends
and colleagues will use to define you?
· What are your skills?
Some people come online to start a business be cause they hear others are making ton of money online. However, without following the proper steps, no one can make money online. Or at least you will not take full advantage of the potentials of an online business.

If you don’t follow the steps, you are most likely to waste money rather than making money.

You must follow this first step of the “Niche Marketing Research” because if you skip this step, you will really waste your time from here on.

Once you have the answers to the above questions, choosi ng a niche market will not be that difficult.


Finding Your Niche Market (Step 2)

You need to understand that you are really creating an asset for yourself that is outside of everything else you do. This will be your home base/foundation for everything else you may want to do online.

So by the time you go through Step 1, you would have learned a little bit more about yourself. You have to be honest with yourself in order to correctly identify a niche market that you will love.

So now in this step, you will have to identify a sector that you will focus on to build your brand. You can do this by first identifying a few keywords that will explain “what you really want to do.” You can come up with keywords based on your answers from step 1 of the niche marketing research exercise.

Basically using the keywords you have identified, the secret now is to identify a small market that is profitable and have less competition.

For example, if you have interest in the environment then you may want to target an audience with similar interest s. You can further divide the target group into, renewable energy, saving the planet, no to coal and nuclear for energy productions, save the forestry, recycling, etc, etc…

That means you are further narrowing the focus of yo ur blog – which is a good thing because you can then become an expert on that topic and provide valuable content for your audience.

You can use tools like Google Adwords program’s keyword tool to do some keyword research. The Google’s tool can be found here


Google AdW ords Keyword Tool
This free online tool is provided by Google to their PPC advertising membership. They want the a dvertisers to research on all of the possible keywords and what people are looking for and target their ads.

So let’s get started. In order to identify a niche market, you have to first start off with some research.


Use the Google keyword tool above to search for a specific keyword. I am going to search for the following keywords “green energy.”



Google Keyword Analysis for “Green Energy” As I mentioned above, Green Energy is such a broad keyword. It gets about 450,000 global monthly searches and full of competition for advertisement.

Competition for advertisement is a good thing; this means if you build a decent blog enough to attract traffic, there will be people lining up to advertise on your site.

However, a competitive niche also has many disadvantages as well. The main one is that you will have to compete to get to the top of the search engines to attract visitors to your site. Because there are many people in this niche, you will have to work hard on your content and your marketing to prom ote your site.

This will cost you time and money. Now not many of you have them. So you have to be careful how you choose your niche. If you are confident and believe that you can really spend time building a credible site, even if it takes longer, then g o for it.

So from the above example, you can see that “green energy power” has less competition (the green bar is not full), compared to all other ones. This list is much bigger than what you see on the above image.

I’ve listed a few more keywords below in this image to show you that if you look around, you can find niche with good market and less competition.
More Google Keywords for “Green Energy”

This tool is great to show you the following:

- It suggests search term related to any keywords
- It gives the amount of searches made every month for the keyword
- It shows the amount of advertiser interest for that keyword (green bar)
- It also shows you the search trends over 12 month period

All of this information on a particular keyword is going to help you choose your own niche. Look at the search trend for example. If you have searched for a seasonal keyword like “wedding speech”, you would have seen seasonal trends. You would have seen more monthly searches in the summer months compared to winter months. Search Trends for “Wedding Speech” on Google

Now you can see from the above example, the search term seems to be at its peak during the summer months. Not to mention the fact that it seems less and less people searching “wedding speech” since 2004. Not sure if less people are getting married or if friends and families are not giving speeches at the wedding.

Either way, this is a powerful tool that shows you the interest for any specific topic or keyword.

You can also use Google search itself to ident ify the opportunities. You can search the same “keywords” in the search and see what it returns.
Google Results for “Green Energy”

Now you must be wondering why I have all the gabble on that page compared to what you may get. W ell I am using Firefox bro wser with SEOBOOK Keywords plug-in.

It is a great plug-in that provides you with a whole lot of information about sites, etc. Well that is for another day but if you look at the results above, you will notice that the first few results are from pretty much sites that aren’t blogs. The first one is Wikipedia and the second one is, a green energy company out of UK.

The above image also demonstrates that there is abundance of interest from advertisers. They pretty much clogged up the top and the right hand side with advertisements.
All of them are competing with each other to be the first one; while wikipedia and the other energy company from UK just lands as the first and second results on Google naturally. They must be getting all ofthose 450,000 people searching monthly for “green energy” on Google. That is a lot of traffic.

One thing I do note here is that there isn’t any blogs competing for on the first page. That means, there may still be room for a dedicated blogger to make it to the top and attract all of the traffic. It is not that difficult to compete with wikipedia and not to mention the energy company from UK.

I may even look into starting a blog on my own for that topic. But anyhow, now back to our discussion, once you c omplete the research, you should basically answer the following three questions:

· What is the demand in a particular sector/niche? · Who will be your competitors and what are they selling? And · How will you monetize in that particular sector/niche?

You can also use the following free tools to help find the demand and the competition:


1. Go to and search for the same keywords and do the same analysis.

2. Go to or other affiliate network and search for the same keywords and complete similar analysis. With the above research, you can see who is selling and what type of products are being sold in a specific industry. This will help you identify the need in that particular niche.

Once you identify the niche market, you can then setup your blog and focus on writing good quality content for the niche audience.

Quality content with good advice will eventually attract the audience over to your site. You will begin to get attention from other sites in that particular niche. They will begin to l ink to you site for good content. Search engines love that stuff. They will soon move you to the top of the search results for the keywords you’ve chosen.

In the following chapter I will teach you how to setup a blog.


Chapter 5
How to Setup Your Own Blog

Once you have decided on a niche for your blog, you are probably ready to setup your own blog. Setting up a blog is not that difficult. Setting up a blog is probably the most fun part of blogging! W ell yes it requires different kind of wo rk and if you are creative, then you will definitely enjoy this.

You pretty much have two options at this stage. You can either setup a blog on your own domain name or on a pre -hosted blogging platform.

If you choose to host the blog on your own domain name, which I suggest you do, you will have something like this–,,, etc, etc.

However if you decide to use an existing pre -hosted blogging platform, then your URL may look like this or other blog-platform domain names at the end of yourname.

If you are working under a small budget, then it may make sense for you to go with a pre-hosted blogging platform to try it out. However, if you can afford to register a domain name for $ 8.99/year and if you can afford to pay monthly for hosting then you should certainly start a blog on your own domain name.
You can find hosting companies like BlueHost, which is as little as a few dollars a month. You can use GoDaddy to register for your domain name. They have promotional deals all the time for as low as $7.75/year.

My recommendation would be to start on your own domain name. Think of it like a real estate property that you can own forever. Once you register the domain name, that name belongs to you as long you renew the domain name ever year.

So if you build your site and add value to that property by building a community around that domain name, then that domain is w orth a lot of money.

Plus if you are going to seriously spending some time to blog, then having your own domain name shows to people that you are serious. It allows people within the niche to gain more trust in you.

Setting Up a Blog on Your Own Domain Name

In order to setup your own blog, you will first need to register a domain name. I suggest you use to register a domain name. It has been around for long time and is reliable.


GoDaddy W ebsite – with huge promotion!

Once you have a domain name in place, you can choose a hosting company to host your website. This will cost you on a monthly basis. Make sure your hosting company and the service they provide works with well known blogging platform like Wordpress. I recommend you use I had many of my previous students use them before and never received a complaint. Plus they are affordable.

You should ask these questions before you sign up for hosting. Having your own blog on your own domain names gives you the flexibility to do many things that you won’t get from a pre-hosted blogging service like

One you have that in place, you should decide which blogging platform you are going to use to build your site. Some of the most popular publishing programs are W ordpress, Nucleaus and b2evolution.

I use W ordpress for my own blog because it is stable and has been around for a long time. It also comes with many features , plug-ins and lots of themes for you to choose from to customize the look and feel of your blog.

If you also choose to go with W ordpress, there are many themes that are available online for all types of blogs. For some themes you may have to pay a fee to use while many others are freely available. I think you should go with a free theme that fits your niche first. Once you start making money, you may want to consider upgrading your theme to a paid one unless you know how to customize it on your own.

If you have money to purchase a theme, I recommend you purchase Thesis Theme. Over 24,000 bloggers to date are using this theme and it is super friendly. It has built in features to get you on top of those search engines.

However, d on’t let yourself waste time with a theme. Find a theme that fits your niche and move o n. You can always go back. Many people, including me in the early days, wasted so much time trying to make my blog look pretty.

Well pretty blog is not going to make you any money! All you need to make sure here is that the people can read what you are w riting. Choose the right color and the right font for your site. Font colors and styles play an important role in attracting and keeping more users on your site.
If your site is not easy to read, the user will click away to another site. You want to be able to provide content in a well planned out manner.

Follow the guide provided by each blogging platform to understand how you can tweak and make the blog work for you. This will take some time but you may want to leave this for another day. You will always continue to tweak your blog so don’t spend too much time here upfront.

Wordpress admin area looks like this and it is super easy to make modification to your site from within. You do not have to be a programmer to do this.

00004.jpgA fresh Installation of W ordpress Blog

As you can see on the above image, you can change appearance, add pages, post content, add links, modify the look of the site, etc, from within the admin panel.
Once you download the W ordpress system, follow the installation instruction provided by W ordpress to setup your site. There are ton of guides available on the internet to get your W ordpress blog up and running on your own server. Just do a Google search and you will come across many examples with demo. Try Youtube as well, you will get video domo of installation.

Setting up Your Blog on a Free Blogging Site

If you want to save money in the beginning and want to try something out then you may want to start off with a blogging tool like Blogger.

It is very easy to setup a blog on one of these tools. They provide you with step by step instructions as the above Blogger link. You just need to follow the instruction and setup a blog site that you are comfortable with.

00005.jpg Main Page

If you watch their video tutorial, they will show you exactly how to setup your blog on their site. It will take just a few minutes to set it up. You should give it a try.

Chapter 6
How to Make Money with Your Blog

Now that you have your blog setup, there are many different ways to make money. I am going to assume you have setup a W ordpress blog on your own domain. As I said before, this would be my preference. For a small inve stment upfront, you are on your way to building an empire. Building it for you and your future generation .

I am going to talk about three types of monetization techniques for blogs. These are the techniques that I am using and have used it for many years. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a fact for you before we begin this section. 90% of the 100+ million blogs on the internet do not make any money. Many people fail to make money because they fail to think outside the box. This is a sad story. This doesn’t have to be for you.

On that note, I want to assure you if you follow and read my book carefully, you will make money. Then it would be up to you, how many times you want to repeat that and how much money you want to make.

Making Money with Advertisements on Your Blog

Pretty much 99% of the blogs take advantage of this feature. I am sure you’ve seen from Google Adsense to Direct Ad Sales on many blogs that you may have visited. This is the easiest way of making money given that your blog is already receiving traffic. Basically, you sign up for a program like Google Adsense and place their javascript code in your advertisement space. That is all it takes to show relevant ads on your site. Every time someone clicks on the link, you make some money.

Now the underlying word is “some money.” Yes you only make a small portion of what is being paid by the advertiser to Google. You are sending a lead to possibly spend hundreds of dollars on another site and you only get a dollar or two. There are certain niche that will pay you high but it doesn’t always come around that way.

Usually the conversion rate is much low and you probably will not make ton of money unless you have thousands of visitors to your site everyday.

If you have 1000 ad impressions, Google will pay you anywhere between 1 to 2 dollars. This is about 30 to 60 dollars a month. This amount is okay for the beginner but if you really optimize your traffic, you can make much more.

You can also choose to sell your own ads using sites like xxxxxxx. These are direct ad purchasing sites. You sign up on those sites and list your website and the available ad space for advertisers to purchase. You set your cost per click or cost per impression rate and if advertisers find it com pelling, they will buy your ad space.

This way you can make a little bit more money but you are still not maximizing the potential.
Also another thing to keep in mind when selling advertisement on your site is the site content. If you don’t have the right content, which is frequently updated, you are not attracting the right people to your site. If you are not attracting the right people (targeted crowd), then they won’t click on your ads; hence you won’t make any money.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

This is definitely a way to increase your blog income from the previous method. You are actually selling products and making a commission for each successful sale. Sometimes the commission can be a high as 80% of the sales price. This is true for m any ebooks, etc, that is facilitated through

ClickBank, pays up to 80% on a successful sale. They collect commissions on your behalf and send you payments twice every month. They cover almost all countries across the world.

ClickBank has hundreds of thousands of products that you can promote on behalf of the product owner. You can search on their site and find all sort of related products to your niche and then promote them on your site.

Now imagine, if you have 1000 visitors per day, yo u make ONE successful sale for a product that is $50. You collect a commission anywhere between 30 to 80%. Let’s just take it at 40% to be conservative in our calculation. That is $20 everyday! That is $600 every month.
This is much higher than $30 per month you would have made by placing Google Adsense or other advertisements on your site!

As you can see, clearly this is a way to go if you want to make more money. Let someone else do the work for you. All you have to do is promote it.

Making More Money with Your Own Products

Do you want to make even more money? W ell as the title says, this clearly is the way to go. You have to come up with a product such as an e-book. They are not that difficult to put together but with this method, you get to keep all the money unless you get other affiliates to sell your product. W ell if others are selling your product for you, isn’t that even a better option?

With this method, you just have to come up with a cool product like an e-book related to your blog and use ClickBank like publishing service to get others to sell your book.

Just like ClickBank allowed you to promote other people’s products on your site, you can use ClickBank to sell your products to others. One account will do the trick for both.

ClickBank has over 100,000 promoters waiting to promote your product. As long as your product is legit and compelling, you will get people that will want to promote your product.
This should be your ultimate goal. You need to get to a point where you are promoting your own products. Others are promoting your products for you. Hence you are making money when you are not even working! Isn’t that where you want to be?

It will happen– step at a time.


Chapter 7
How to Make a Killing with Your Blog

I am sure by now you would agree with me that advertisement on your site isn’t going to get the job done. You need to build a relationship with your visitors and you need to keep in touch with them regularly. In order to do that, you need to look at o ther alternatives such as building your own sales list– list of potential customers.

Yes I am talking about subscribers list. If you don’t have one today, then it explains why you are not making much money. Everyone should have a subscribers list. You sh ould use programs such as AW eber to get the job done. There is a small cost associated with this program but it really gets the job done. You can setup any amount of auto responders and follow up emails to kee p the community primed.

When you have a product that you want to promote, all you have to do is write a nice sales email and share it with your community. You will be surprised as to how many people will actually buy your product. These people trust you and they will take your advice to buy a product. This is what you want at the end of the day.

How to Build a List

One way to build a successful list is to offer something to the community for free. People like free stuff.
However, in order to access y our free stuff, they need to subscribe to your email list. This is the most effective way to increase your list over time.

You can also place a subscribe form on your blog. You will see this on many blogs, usually on the top right hand side. Many blogs usually offer something free and ask people for their email address and name.

Another way to do this is have a hovering box appear on top of your page when someone visits your page. Aweber lightbox hover is a great option. It pops up few seconds after the page loads. You can ask your visitor to sign up for your newsletter in return for a free e book, etc.

So in other words, you should employ multiple tactics to build your list. Your list is your future. Your list if your income. Your list is going to make you millions.

Build a Relationship with Your Community

List building isn’t difficult but it takes some time and effort. If you’ve subscribed to receive this free e -book from me, you would have noticed a number of emails from me following your subscription. If you haven’t received them, don’t worry you will. These are call auto responders.

I have set them up so that you receive an email a week for the first few weeks. Once you sign up, you get a thank you email with the link to download the e-book.
A week later, you will get another email with a few more interesting stuff, all to help you succeed with your online ventures. The following week, another email with something else… and it goes on for a few weeks to engage you and make you feel part of the community.

You need to do the same with your own community. You need to build relationships with your readers. List building is the best way to go.

As you can see, all of these are behind the scene methods. Many successful bloggers don’t talk about this on their blog. They just do it behind the scene.

How to Make the Sale

One you have a decent size list, all you have to do is find the best product and get your community to buy it. You will make up to 80% incommission if you are promoting other people’s product or if you are promoting your own, you GET TO KEEP ALL 100%!

Now you can see where I was headed. This is how you make the most out of your blog.

Once you have a decent list, you can always promote y our own products and you can be certain that your product launch will be successful. Most likely a few percent of your customers will become affiliates and promote your products to their community.

Chapter 8
Conclusion– Did You Learn Anything?

Start b uilding a list from day one. Don’t wait to establish your blog to do that. You need to take advantage of it from day one. As I said above, once you have a good list, you are set to make money. Sky is the limit because your list will continue to grow; so wi ll your products.

I hope you enjoyed my simple e book to get you started. I’ve focused mainly on making money with a blog. There are many other tactics that can make you money. As I say always, all of them require time and effort to make it work. You shou ld check out my blog for many other examples and keep an eye out of other e -books that I will be coming out with in the next number of months.

I have made money through various different ventures on the internet.I’ve made money from building an empire on the SecondLife virtual world to flipping domain names and websites. Yes I have done it all and now I hope I have passed on one of my secrets to you.

I look forward to building a relationship with you. All the best to you my friend.


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