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Guide to Higher Education in Europe
About this Guide
Generally speaking, this guide is meant for those people who want to pursue Higher
Education (Masters and/or PhD) in Europe.
Individuals who want to pursue education at other levels (e.g., Bachelors or
Diploma) or even in some other country can also benefit from various sections of this
The contents of this guide are generalized and people from any country or any
background (Engineering Sciences, IT & computer-related, MBA & Business related,
Medical, Law, Arts, Social sciences & Humanities etc) can benefit from it.
A lot of effort has been put into preparing this guide; I hope you benefit from it.
Well, Yes this is a fat guide (nearly 60 pages), that’s because it has got almost
all the information and tips that one would require for studies and admission. If
you read and follow it carefully and carry out the procedure sensibly, then
you would definitely get admission wherever you want to.
This guide can be freely distributed as long as all the original contents are intact,
and nothing has been modified or added.
Pass this guide to all your friends and anyone else you know who can benefit from
I wish all of you success and happiness in your lives and request you to
pray for the same for me.
This is version 2.0 of this guide, for updates, new versions and other guides, visit:
© Tauseef Afzal.
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