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Matts comments
He had a sad life before, but now those experienc es would serve him well. If you've had a sad life, maybe you’re just a
hero in training.
It took a few moments before the whole transformation was complete. He infused me with Argarian Dna, and I was just
reborn. I was no longer human but Argaria n. They are highly intelligent beings with great power. They can manipulate
matter and energy on the subatomic level. It wasn't just my body that changed but my mind also. Memories flood my
consciousness. So many forgotten bits and pieces of my life now surfaced. I knew it would take time to absorb this new
perspective. Just for an experiment I thought of a few math problems. I was never good at math before but now they
seemed simple. Many concepts I had heard but never understood surfaced in my mind and came together like a jig saw
puzzle. It was getting an advanced physics education in a just a matter of seconds. I even knew why light acted as a
wave and a particle. Human scientist had been stumped over this for years. They thought light was dual natured b ut it
was actually tri natured. A great many workings of nature passed through my mind and recombined in ways I never
would have imagined.
Most things in nature seemed to be trinity based. The earth for example was land, water and air. Atoms were protons,
neutrons and electrons. Even most life required food, water and air to survive. Light too was a trinity. Its third nature
was a kind of energy. It saturates everything in the universe and links them together. It is like an infinite spider web that
touches all matter and energy. Humans had a concept similar to that called dark matter and energy. But humans only
knew a small aspect of a much larger truth. The final part of my rebirth was seeing the future. I saw a vision of me
fighting a man in a dark robe. We were floating in space near a large object. The object looked like a black hole. The
man and I both exchanged energy blasts at each other. I was knocked unconscious and the man floated over to finish
me off. He drained the remaining life from me and kicked my body near the black hole. Selar told me what I saw a
possible future, but it was not absolute. He said the event I saw was hundreds of years from now and I had plenty of
time to change the outcome. I never forgot that vision, after that day. It gave me nightmares for years to come.
Matts comments
Earth year 1495---------------Guardian year 5495
Hi! is me Matt again. The schools time is 517 years in the past of when Etan lived. Selar took him back to that time
where Etan would begin a whole new kind of life. By the time he caught up with his own time, he would be a very
different person entirely. This is his story.
Truth and trials.
Discipline, Balance, Honor, and Justice
Selar spent the next two days coaching Etan on the basics of Guardian life. The first eight years would consist of
schooling, serving Selar , and following him around on missions. His title would be a sub cadet. This phase is meant to
teach patience, discipline and humility. It also gives the trainee plenty of time to learn the Guardian system. As a phase
one he was only allowed to use his abilities under Selar's supervision or in a school training exercise. If he passed all
tests of phase one he would then be considered a full fledged cadet. He would be given a Guardian uniform but one
without the cape. A guardians cape was a symbol of status and rank. It usually took several decades of this training for
an individual to grow to the point of being considered for a silver Guardian. If he graduated to a silver he would be
given his first silver cape. Silver guardians worked under blue planetary guardians but could go on missions by
themselves and usually had specific territories they were responsible for. Before he could even start phase one, though
he had to go in front of the Guardian counsel for testing. Selar would not say wha t the test consisted off, but Etan hoped
he could pass.
Selar took Etan to his palace. He was lead into the upper most room of the central spire. The door opened up to a large
crystal chamber. The chamber shone like a diamond in a display case. The room had five thrones. Sitting in the top
most throne was a man in a glowing robe. Selar had told Etan that he was Cronos Mikeil the white guardian. He was